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The woman who lost 40 pounds 12 weeks before new year!

The woman who lost 40 pounds 12 weeks before new year!

December 31st, Lisbel cant’s stop thinking and getting frustrated because with the way she felt and looked in her oversized clothes that she had to wear. While she felt terrible about this, her cousin was the light of the party with an amazing little black dress that she really wanted to be able to have.

Being the “chubby” girl in her class was something that never really agreed with Lisbel. She was really hurt with all the taunting and bullying and she always wanted to hide to avoid getting hurt.  This drove her to become very introverted and really shy. Simple things like leaving the house became difficult because of her insecurities. While all of her friends talked about parties and boys she just sat there feeling frustrated because she felt like her weight was keeping her from having a really happy life.

Tired of seeing how everybody else was enjoying the things she couldn’t she decided to take action and transform her life forever. Thanks to the inspiration of Alejandro Chabán she was able to do it, she started following his tips and changed her way of eating radically. She went from eating 8 times a day to 5 healthy and balanced meals. She also changed her lifestyle and became more active, she started a regular movement routine which was also a stepping stone in her path to an amazing body.

Liz’s life is completely different now, she feel really proud of her body and she loves showing it off at the beach. Thanks to the Yes You Can! natural products her body is more toned and firm than ever. The happiest moment in this beautiful winner’s life was when after she lost more than 40 pounds and transformed her life she was finally able to buy her dream dress, one that that was even more beautiful than the one her cousin wore that 31st of December, She looked amazing in the dress and she was able to celebrate the end to her weight problem and the beginning of a new life and year looking spectacular. She loves the Yes You Can! protein bars  and the cellu fit booster.


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