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What are the Best Sources of Protein for you?

What are the Best Sources of Protein for you?

Protein is probably the most important micronutrient in any type of diet, even if you’re trying to lose or gain weight you should always include protein in all of your meals. Protein accelerates your metabolism, increases the feeling of satisfaction and reduces the impact of food cravings.

Here’s a list of the 5 best sources of protein:

Whey protein: This is not only the best protein for the recovery of the muscle tissue but it also contains several amino acids that are very important for your body. This is the most practical option because it allows you to consume protein at any time.  The Yes You Can! Diet Plan protein shakes are not only a great source of 15 grams of whey protein but they also have an irresistible flavor. Also, Yes You Can! protein bars and protein bites.

Eggs: this is without a doubt one of the best source of protein that we can include in our diet. They have an amazing quantity and quality of protein and their price is very low so it’s easy to incorporate them into our every day nutrition plan. You can make eggs in a lot of different ways so you don’t get bored as easily. We recommend to only eat the whites, the yolk has too much cholesterol.

Salmon: Wild salmon has up to 7 grams of protein per ounce so it’s something that you should definitely try to have at least once a week. It also has a great amount of Omega 3 which is a healthy fat that your body needs.

Beef: This is another really good source of protein that contains other important nutrients. It is an amazing source of iron, zinc, magnesium and other key nutrients. Always go for lean cuts like tenderloin or churrasco.

Poultry: chicken and turkey are also amongst the best sources of protein and they’re very easy to get. Another great advantage that they have is their very low fat content. Make sure you eat them without the skin and on the grill or in the oven (never fried). They both taste good cold or hot so they are great for your pre-planned meals.

There are other options like greek yogurt, tofu or cottage cheese that are also a good source of protein but the amount they have is not enough to counter the amount of fat they contain. Remember that everything on this list should be a part of a balanced diet plan like the Yes You Can! Healthy lifestyle program and you should never consume them excessively.


Alejandro Chaban 

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