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Control your Anger Eating Healthy

Control your Anger Eating Healthy

All of us have gone for the ice cream pint or the chocolate box when we have a day at work, a fight with our partners, at the end of the month when we get the bills or at any other stressful situation. This might help for a couple of minutes but at the end it’s even worse. Here are some healthy food choices that will help you change your mood without affecting your weight.


Skipping breakfast can put you on a bad mood and shorten your fuse because your body has no energy to function appropriately. This meal is the “gas” that your nervous system runs on and without it you lose control over your emotional reactions. An ideal breakfast to deal with your morning “tantrums” contains:

• Protein: proteins speed up your metabolism and give you energy to focus the rest of the day. The best options are an egg white omelet or a Yes You Can! meal replacement protein shake. 

• Kiwi: This is a very low calorie fruit that can give you 100% of the vitamin C that you need in one day. This vitamin is crucial in the regulation of cortisol, the hormone that elevates your blood sugar level when you’re stressed.


It’s important to give your body something at mid morning to help it last until lunch, it’s also key to give it a little extra boost around 3 or 4 when your energy goes back down. Your snacks can be:

• Pumpkin seeds: These have a very high amount of magnesium that helps regulate your blood pressure and this relaxes you very much.

• Salt-free peanuts: peanuts are an amazing source of B vitamin; this is the best source of natural energy there is. It’s as effective as an energy drink without the nasty crash later.

Also, a gluten free protein Bar or a gluten free protein chips.


By this time you’re feeling a little down because of the decrease in blood-sugar levels. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat candy; you have to go for healthy choices to level you without hurting your weight:

• Barley: This whole grain a very good carb to eat with your lunch. It helps raise your blood sugar levels to a very healthy point.

• Fish: Your body needs Omega 3 to be able to produce serotonin and a fish like trout, salmon or tuna give you the amount of omega 3 you need for this process.

• Artichoke or broccoli: These are the two vegetables that have the most fiber; this makes them the best aid for constipation, another big cause of stress and foul mood.


Never skip your lunch! always have a meal replacement sugar free shake with you!


Sometimes we go a whole day in a great mood but then the night comes and we explode because of all the accumulated stress. Getting home to deal with kids, cleaning or running errands can really affect your temper. To fix this you can have:

• Hot sauce: hot sauce has capsaicin the chemical that makes food spicy. To counter the effect of spicy food your body produces endorphins, a neurotransmitter that is in charge of “telling” your brain that you should be happy. This production of endorphins will put you to sleep like a baby.

• Chicken: having lean chicken with your dinner is going to give you enough protein (about 26 grams) to keep you full and help you sleep through the whole night without waking up hungry.

*Remember that all of these food items have to be a part of your diet plan and you should never exceed their consumption. Don’t forget your movement routine and your emotional diet.


A great option for dinner is a Yes You Can! meal replacement shake


Alejandro Chaban 

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