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5 Foods to Boost your Metabolism

By Alejandro chaban October 24, 2022

There is no magical formula that helps us to lose weight without putting in effort and dedication but there are a lot of little Tricks that we can use to reach our goal faster. As we always say, your body is like a car and it will run accordingly to whatever “fuel” you put in it.

Every thing we eat has a different on our weight and over our general organism functions. Just like some foods give you energy, detox your system or help you sleep better there are some foods that help you speed up your metabolism. This helps you burn more calories and lose more weight. Everyone’s metabolism is unique and works at different rates.

Here are the 5 foods that help speed up your metabolism the most, WHATCH OUT! You should always consume these items as part of a balanced diet plan and you should never exceed their consumption:

1. Artichokes: Artichokes have a ton of vitamins and minerals including one called inulin. It has been proved that this type of carb reduces the amount of ghrelin that is produced in your body. This hormone is known as the hunger hormone. When you produce less ghrelin you feel less hungry and your body focuses it’s energy in burning calories. Our natural detox includes this awesome ingredient!

2. Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper like many other types of pepper, raise the body’s temperature when you eat it. To regulate this temperature change your body has to burn a lot of energy and this burns calories. It’s important not to over do it with the spices because your body gets used to it very fast and you’ll need more spice every time.

3. Cinnamon: Studies show that eating half a tablespoon a day helps your body metabolize the sugar you eat up to 20 times f aster. This way you’re reducing the amount of sugar that your body has to store as fat.

4. Ginger: Ginger helps increase the speed of your metabolism by 5% and it also increases the feeling of satisfaction so it helps you eat less and burn what you eat a lot faster. 

5. Tea: In addition to the antioxidants, that help us burn fat off, caffeine stimulates the process through which you burn fat to produce energy called thermo genesis. That’s why green tea is so highly recommended in every type of diet.

In addition to these foods it’s important that you consume proteins in all your meals. This will also help you speed up your metabolism. Consuming all these should not interfere with your diet plan and you shouldn’t eat them in every meal. Make sure to find the appropriate moments to eat them and don’t forget about your diet or your movement routine. And remember that to get better results you can try our Yes You Can! Slim Down which will help boost your metabolism in a natural and safe way!


Alejandro Chaban 

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