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6 Tips To Avoid And Control Bloating

By Alejandro chaban October 08, 2022

Hey guys!! How are you doing this week? I hope you’re still very focused and that you’re one step closer to your goals and dreams. Last week one of you asked me a question on the Blog that I loved and I wanted to answer it for you. The question was: “what can we do to avoid bloating during the diet” this is something that’s very usual during a diet, especially for moms. Here’s a few tip to avoid this awful feeling:

1) Slow down: When we eat like it's a race we let way too much air into our stomach and this creates a feeling of heaviness and very bad discomfort. If we slow down while eating we can eliminate this feeling and we can also reduce the amounts of food we actually eat. Remember that when we eat slowly we give our brain a better chance to realize we’re full and then we can really stop. Every meal should be at least 30 minutes long. Avoid Carbs or try a carb blocker capsule.

2) Watch out for sodas: The fizz in all these drinks goes directly to our stomach and makes us feel bloated and uncomfortable. It’s better to avoid soda all together, even diet soda. Instead we can drink infused waters or green tea that will help detox and eliminate the accumulated air in our systems.

3) Take it easy on the gum: Chewing gum all day can make the situation even worse, when we chew we’re letting a lot of extra air into our body that puffs up our bellies and gives us gas. Instead of chewing gum you can also try sugar-free hard candy that you can eat with your mouth closed and avoid all that extra air to come in.

4) Get away from sodium: Processed, canned and frozen foods have a lot of sodium, which causes water retention and excessive bloating, this makes you feel like a balloon full of water. Remember to always check for the nutritional information on the products, you should never consume more than 2,000mg of sodium in one whole day. Always go for low or no sodium products.

5) Don’t over do it with certain foods: There are certain foods like broccoli, cauliflower, beans and cabbage that produce gas and bloating. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid them completely but that you should limit their consumption to a bare minimum.

6) A little extra help is always nice: As I’ve always mentioned that the Yes You Can! Detox is sooooo good to help us fight and avoid bloating. It’s 100% natural and it’s not a laxative so it doesn’t cause discomfort or makes us got o the bathroom every 5 minutes. This awesome natural cleanser is the best way to detox our bodies without annoying side effects.

Ok guys I hope these little tips are useful and that they help you feel lighter abs with a lot more energy to carry on. Keep on writing and leaving your questions. I love you all!!

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