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What Is The Yo-Yo Effect?

What Is The Yo-Yo Effect?

Edna Martinez lost 47 pounds with the Yes You Can! weight management program. She explains that for the first time in years she has not YOYO in her diet. Even when she goes out and have a cheat meal she uses her Carb Blocker.

For a very long time we’ve been hearing about the famous yo-yo effect in our diet. It’s one of the worst enemies of anyone who is in a weight loss process and unfortunately it’s the reality for a lot of people who reach their goal and then gain their weight back. This doesn’t mean that It’s a rule or that there are no ways to avoid it. Here you’ll learn more about the yo-yo effect and how to stay away from it:

1) Extreme diets have extreme results: When we lead an extreme diet where our bodies are pushed to their limits we’re going to see fast results but we’re eventually going to break. When our bodies are kept only by liquids or one specific food we make it used to that, whenever we break that habit the body reacts and stores whatever you give it as fat.

2) The yo-yo effect is not an act of magic: These sudden weight gain don’t just happen out of the blue. No supplement or diet causes this effect, the change happens because we change back our eating habits and become less active. It’s very important to be aware of this so that we can take responsibility of our actions during and especially after doing a diet.

3) The key is balance: The odds of gaining back the weight after an extreme diet are very high that’s why we need to find a permissive and balanced diet plan we can follow indefinitely without being hungry or suffering. The Yes You Can! Diet Plan is perfect because it lets you enjoy all the latin flavors that you love without having to give up tacos, pasta, burgers, arroz con pollo and all those other dishes you grew up loving. The plan gives you exactly when, what and how much so you can lose weight while eating what you love.

4) Reaching your ideal weight is just the first battle: The main goal will always be to reach your ideal goal but this is just the first step. Getting there will mean nothing if you can’t stay there. Just like a car needs new breaks, oil, and gas your body needs a lot of maintenance to work properly. Don’t think about improving your eating habits for a while, think about starting a totally new lifestyle!

There you have it, 4 key to understanding and avoiding the yo-yo effect. Remember that the key here is PATIENCE, don’t try to solve in 3 months a problem that you’ve had for 10 years. Keep your focus on the day to day! 

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