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Ana Patricia diet tips for her wedding day!

By Yes You Can! October 08, 2022

Hey guys! I’m a little nervous but super happy to be writing to all of you! I never imagined I was going to be able to write a blog but now that I have a chance I’m gonna give it all to share with you what you guys want.

I hope that all the little advice  and tips I can give you guys here are good for all you girls out there.

Today starts the countdown for my wedding with Yes You Can! Diet and I’m going to share every little piece of it with you. I’m really excited because this day is getting close and it’s really important to me, this motivates me and makes me very happy.

If you have an important day coming up like me, wether it’s your wedding, your prom or any other big event in a couple of months you can all do join the countdown and together we’ll reach our goal.

During these weeks I’m gonna share with you how the Yes You Can! Diet Plan and my dear friend Alejandro Chabán are going to help me maintain and tone my body so that when the big day comes I can look exactly like I want to look. I’m going to be revealing every little detail of the behind the scenes of my process and all the happy moments and the sad ones too.

I’ve always taken care of myself, even as a little girl I was aware because I always took part y pageants and did different things where I had to take care of my body. That’s why exercise has always been a big part in my life, lately more because as you guys know it gets harder to achieve this as you grow older. This is why I went to Alejandro to know how I could see better results and that’s when he explained that Yes You Can! Is not just to lose weight but also to maintain and the best part is that while I’m doing it I can still have taquitos and all the other Mexican dishes that I love, obviously with a couple of little adjustments but I don’t have to stop eating yayyy!! and I love the Yes You Can! Carb Blocker :)

I hope you guys can enjoy as much a I do this blog and that together we learn a lot of different little tricks to maintain our weight in a healthy way and get to that day with the best energy possible. I send all of you a huuuuge hug and I hope you leave all the questions and comments you have to see what else you want me to share with you.

Besos y abrazos!!

Ana Patricia

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