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5 ways to eat healthy ON THE GO!

5 ways to eat healthy ON THE GO!

It might seem like a hot dog, a slice of pizza or a pretzel are the simplest options, and that it is not THAT bad to have them every once in a while. The truth is that they are really bad for us. A single hot dog has more tan 580 calories, this is almost half of the calories you should have in a whole day and burning them off would take about 4 hours at the gym. One slice of cheese pizza has 237 calories, if you add ham, sausage, pepperoni and other toppings you can bring the total up to 400 calories; this is what you burn in 2 hours of biking or a full hour of swimming. A pretzel, the kind you can get at every corner is full of sodium, yeast, flour and a lot of fat. A single one, without any sauce has over 480 calories! That’s 4 miles of non-stop running. If you are going to have them on your cheat meal day then have your carb blocker 20 minutes before your meal. 

Here are some of the healthier choices of food that you can get on the street:

Tacos: A chicken, lettuce, onion, cilantro, lemon and hot sauce taco has only 120 calories (make sure you use corn tortillas). Besides being a low cal option it provides protein, healthy fat, good carbs and veggies all of the components of a complete Yes You Can! Lunch.

Quesadilla: A quesadilla, also in a corn tortilla, with beef, Oaxaqueño cheese (low salt and fat), pico de gallo, lettuce and maybe some mushrooms has only 140 calories. It’s a little higher in fat but it’s still a good option. Just keep an eye out for the cream or salsa blanca.

Turkey sandwich: Sandwiches are everywhere; the problem is that most of them are full of greasy condiments or sodium-filled cold cuts. The best choice would be a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and mustard. While a bad grilled cheese with mayo might have 450 calories a turkey sandwich only has 135.

Protein Meal replacement shake:  great option when you have to hit the streets and go to school, to work, to the post office, at the airport or in the bus is an on-the-go Yes You Can! meal  shake. Pair it up with a fruit or a whole wheat bagel and you have a complete breakfast.

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always find healthy options that are part of your diet plan. Going out can’t be an excuse, your goal is more important so don’t let anything get in your way of achieving it.


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