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How to drink more water to lose weight?

By Alejandro chaban October 19, 2022

I never thought you would like my Blog so much, you can't imagine how happy I am! Every day I am reading comments and looking for topics to share with everyone. I love all the questions you ask me and I will keep answering as many as I can.

When I am shooting on locations. Many times the catering options are not very varied, but I try my best and stay focused. I'm super proud because I haven't broken the diet once during the week and I've managed to keep my energy and desire at 100%. Well, except for Sunday when I do indulge and use my Yes You Can! Carb Blocker. Obviously I have my little tricks that I have learned over the years: One of the things that always helps me is to drink water all day long, we always hear that it is important to drink water and that it is important to drink at least 8 to 12 glasses a day but do we know why?

Well I'll tell you a little of what I have learned: I have to have my bottle at hand all day. Well, at least I try to. I add my hydration mix aloe vera to my water for diuretic purposes. When we started filming on location I realized I was feeling tired and dizzy, I was eating well and getting enough sleep so I asked the nutritionists at Yes You Can! and they explained that when we expel more water than we consume we decompensate due to dehydration so it is very important to drink a lot of water when we are very active or under the sun.

They also explained to me that since we are made up of 60% water all the important functions of the body depend on water, we need it for circulation, digestion, to make saliva and to maintain body temperature. So it is not only to look good but also to feel good, so everybody drink water!!!!

Every day I get more and more used to drinking water with all my meals and I've realized that by drinking more water I avoid soda and sugar-filled juices and save those extra calories. It also helps me stay full and not snack all day. As you may already know I'm a super sweet tooth, but I've realized that the more water I drink the less cravings I get. Since I started drinking my water mixed with Aloe Vera religiously at least 8 glasses a day I realized that my skin and hair looked super healthy, by staying hydrated on the inside I see how it shows on the outside, it's amazing that even the makeup artists tell me all day: "Chaban your skin looks great despite the daily makeup of the recordings" and the truth is the secret is to eat healthy, drink water, Yes You Can! collagen and be happy :)

The only thing that bothered me a bit at the beginning was that I kept going to the bathroom every 5 minutes "I'm bored of having to run to the bathroom all day and miss all the stories" and i just remind myself that it is great! That it means that I am cleansing my body, taking out all the toxins I do not need and expelling fat so the more often I went the better. The darker our urine is the more dehydrated we are. This is the body's way of telling us that we need to drink more water so listen to your body and don't let it die of thirst.

I have to confess that at first I had a hard time getting used to drinking water all the time but there are a couple of things I did that may help you too:

- Always have a small bottle of water everywhere. In your purse, at work and even on your bedside table.

- If you don't like plain water, find a way to enjoy it with some Aloe Vera sugar free.

- Remember that food also has water in it so by eating the vegetables you like the most you are also consuming water.

I hope you liked it and that you find this tip useful. Keep writing your questions and comments and I will do my best to answer as many as I can. I send you a giant hug and my ice water.


Alejandro Chaban 

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