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Healthy dinner options by Alejandro Chaban

Healthy dinner options by Alejandro Chaban

There’s a lot of people that recommend not eating after 5 or 6 in the afternoon but the truth is that we can’t let that much time go by without food. Our body needs energy for everything, even sleeping, so when skipping a meal we’re giving our bodies permission to store fat in our belly, legs, arms and gluts as an energy reserve.


Carbs like bread, pasta, fruits, tortillas, arepas, etc. are the foods that you should definitely stay away from at night. Good carbs are important at breakfast and lunch to have energy for the rest of the day but at night we don’t have enough time or activity to burn them off so they go to the “storage units” in our body and make us gain weight. So at dinner remember:










A lot the food that’s usually sold to us or we consider as being a “light” dinner are really full of empty carbs and sugar that are impossible to burn off during the night. That’s how the famous “love handles” are formed. Cereal is one of the most popular go-to dinner options for a lot of people, it’s also one of the worst ones. Boxed cereals, even the ones that claim being healthy are pure carbs and sugar. Fruit is another popular option that you should ALWAYS avoid, they have a ton of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs but they’re made of fructose almost entirely. This is a type of sugar that in terms of weight loss has the same effect on your body.

The Yes You Can! healthy program explains exactly what we should eat in each one of our meals. For dinner the ideal meal has 1 protein (chicken, fish, beef, turkey) plus a salad or vegetables and 1 healthy fat (avocado, olive oil, grape seed oil). Eating protein with dinner helps us keep our metabolism working fast and burning calories while the fiber in vegetables helps our digestive system to work more efficiently and clean out all the toxins that that our body doesn’t need.

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