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5 Tricks To Combat The Flu The Healthy Way

5 Tricks To Combat The Flu The Healthy Way

This week I’ve been a little down with the flu, ever since I got back from my trip where I had to take in a lot of cold I haven’t been able to shake off the flu. Only until recently did I start seeing real improvement in my condition. I tried a lot of different medicines and home remedies and I found that these 5 were the best ones:

1) Eat a lot of protein: Chicken, turkey, beef, fish and sea food are super important to give your body strength and control all the symptoms you’re your flu. Proteins have a los of B vitamin that help your immune system strengthen and fight the virus a lot more efficiently. These foods also have zinc that boost your defenses and help detox your body.

2) Keep a balance in your diet: Even if it seems hard to keep a balanced diet during these days you HAVE to do it in order to get better. During a flu you only want to have nice warm soup, at least I do LOL but this is really bad for you because when you eat just one thing you’re keeping your body from building up strength to fight the virus. You have to include a lot of fresh veggies like kale, spinach and broccoli and good carbs like black beans. Always have a Meal Replacement handy.

 3) Don’t stop drinking water: Flu cause dehydration, especially if it comes with vomiting and diarrhea, that’s why you HAVE to drink a lot of fluids, preferably water. Try to stay away from coffee because it’s a powerful diuretic and it can worsen your dehydration. Add diuretic natural Aloe Vera to your water to add some flavor..

4) Listen to your body: In this situation it’s very important to avoid pushing your body too much, you are relatively weak so it’s important to save up energy. Excessive exercise is not recommended because you’re emptying your “tank” and making your body vulnerable to other viruses. SO these days you have a free pass to be a little lazy LOL

5) Fight the congestion: One of the most annoying symptoms of the flu is nasal congestion, it’s really uncomfortable to feel stuffy all the time and feeling like you can’t breathe. This is a problem during the day but most importantly it can keep you from sleeping, which is very important to get better. The best thing for this is boiling water in a pot, when it comes to a boil take it off the heat, put a towel on your head and bring your head close to the water. Make a little “tent” with the towel and breathe the steam in for about 30 seconds. This will clear you up in no time and you’ll be able to breathe a lot better.

So now you know! Don’t let the flu stand in the way of your goals. I hope these tips are helpful and that you guys try them out. Keep writing back to see what you guys would like to read in the blog. A huge hug for all of you, I loooove youuu.




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