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Hunger Vs Thirst

By Alejandro chaban October 09, 2022

In another article we have already explained the difference between hunger and appetite, we have already seen that one of the two is more conditioned by physiological needs and the other more by habits and emotions. It is also important to understand that many times we believe that we are hungry when in reality it is something completely different, for example: thirst... Just as you hear it! Many times when you have overeaten, snacked between meals or made an unexpected visit to the drive-thru you ate an amount of food that your body really did NOT need and that you could have avoided with a simple glass of water and Aloe Vera drink mix.

Many times we say we are hungry when we have just eaten, this is very curious but the reality is that what we are really thirsty! Confusing thirst with hunger is very easy, believe it or not. Almost always a glass of water will calm those cravings you feel at times when you should not eat any of the 5 daily meals of your diet plan. This happens because thirst is a chemical response to an imbalance of temperature and fluids in the body, the problem is that the signal that we are thirsty comes to us through the same hormones that hunger hormones (mainly ghrelin and leptin).

These hunger attacks are what can lead us to eat when we really shouldn't and to gain extra pounds. This confusion of sensations is one of the most frequent if your diet includes products with empty calories such as soft drinks, alcoholic beverages or junk food. That is why we say that drinking 2 liters of water a day helps you a lot to control your appetite and regulate the amount of food you consume each day.

Thirst is a defense mechanism that your body has to warn you that you are already dehydrated, this affects the functioning of many of your vital organs and also prevents you from losing weight efficiently. When you are well hydrated your body is able to burn more fat because your organs are working at maximum capacity without having to slow down to conserve energy. Drinking water increases oxygen in the bloodstream, oxygen causes more stored fat to be burned, which also makes our body have more energy.

It is best not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Thirst is a warning sign and the body needs to be constantly hydrated. So we recommend you always have a glass or bottle of water nearby to avoid those temptations outside of meals. Also, remember that ice in water also helps you to burn calories. Add Aloe Vera diuretic drink mix to boost it up!

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