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How To Deal With Negative People And Comments about your weight

By Alejandro chaban October 09, 2022

Hey guys!!  Here I am like every Friday to share another episode of Chiquis’ weight loss story! Without any of your support and love I couldn’t have gotten to this point, so thank each and every one of you! Like there’s a lot of you who are supporting me there are some people that can’t stand to see me well and try to fill me with negativity, all these haters around need to be blocked from our lives! Here’s a few tips to deal with negative comments and people:

• Don’t take it personal: This can sound a little weird but the truth is that whenever you get insulted or dissed that person is really trying to deal with their own issues. They are just using you as an escape goat to feel better. Don’t hold grudges, they really don’t have anything against you they’re just feeling lonely at the bottom and want to bring people down with them.

• Set your own limits: A lot of times we get negativity from people who are close to us, it’s not that they have bad intentions but they just don’t know what hurts us. In these cases it’s important for you to talk to these people and give them clear examples of what comments are affecting you. This will help them understand your process better and it will involve them closer.

• Evaluate who is around you: A golden rule that I have is that I try not to surround myself with people who are not contributing something positive to my life. Spend time with people who are positive AT LEAST 80% of the time. If you find someone who is cool half the time but the other half is dragging you down just let them go or set different boundaries for your relationship.

• Never lose control: Remember that no one can make you feel bad without your permission, you’re the one who decides what affects and what just bounces off . When you lose control and fight back you’re just handing control over your feelings to the other person. Let THEM live with the negativity while you look ahead.

• Don’t believe people who have no clue: Nobody knows you better than yourself so you really shouldn’t care about the opinions of people who don’t know you or have never even seen you. You are aware of how valuable you are so don’t let anyone else say NO to you. It’s not up to others it’s just up to you to make your dreams come true.

Follow these little healthy tips and you’ll see how your life and your weight loss journey are going to be a lot nicer and easier. If you want an amazing healthy diet program  try Yes You Can! I love you guys!

Keep it beautiful Boss Bee Nation


Chiquis Rivera

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