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The woman who lost 78 pounds with the help of her sister.

The woman who lost 78 pounds with the help of her sister.

I can say that my struggle with weight has been with me my whole life, even when I was born I was 12 pounds. All my childhood I was an obese child, at that time It made me happy because everyone kept telling me how healthy and pretty I looked. All of my mom’s friends kept saying how amazing I looked so I just kept eating without any control. When I was a teenager I kept these eating habits but at this point it became a concern, even my family was impressed with how much I ate. She tried to control the amounts that I ate and I took it personally, like she was trying to make me sad so this developed a very bad relationship between us. My sisters kept telling em that I was never going to get a boyfriend and I just told them that I didn’t care about men and that anyone who wanted to be with me would love me for who I was. Deep down I knew I was lying and the fact that my looks were keeping me from being happy made really depressed.


Little by little the frustration about my physical appearance became a secondary issue next to my health issues. Obviously I wanted to look feminine and pretty but the worst part was all the physical pain that I started to feel in my spine and legs. My weight caused severe nerve damage and kidney stones, which made every single day very uncomfortable.


My health situation was the breaking point in my life, my whole family was concerned and clueless to what the best thing for me was. My best friend told me about this Instagram profile that she had been following that had amazing diet advice and showed it to me, at first I didn’t pay much attention but then it made sense and that’s how I first knew about Alejandro Chabán and the Yes You Can! Diet Plan.


I started to follow all of the advice they posted and with a lot of sacrifice my sister was able to get me the diet plan. Since I couldn’t get the rest of the products in El Salvador I just had the diet plan to follow. It was a little hard because we couldn’t find some of the food but because it has so many options I was able to follow it perfectly and the results came super fast.


The diet plan taught me a lot of amazing new things about nutrition. Before I had no idea what the difference between a carb and a protein was but the guide breaks it down so easily that I quickly understood everything. Today, after only 7 months I’m already 76 pounds lighter. All the crazy dangerous diets are a thing of the past, thanks to Yes You Can! Diet  say that I’m not only losing weight but I’m healthier than ever.


Now I’m feeling more confident and sexier than ever, I still have a while to go but I already have all my products and I know that I’m going to keep losing weight and gaining self confidence and love for my whole body. This new chapter in my life has helped me understand that there’s nothing I can’t achieve, if I put my mind to it I can do it. The Yes You Can! Weight loss Program changed my life completely and I’m sure it can do the same thing for you! I love the Yes You Can! natural supplements. 

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