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The depressed mom who lost 80 pounds and became a happy woman!

*Consumers who correctly follow the Yes You Can! Program of proper diet and exercise and two Complete Meal Replacement shakes per day can expect to lose approximately 3 pounds per month. However, results may vary depending on a variety of individual factors.

7 years ago I got married and at that point I quit my job to dedicate full time to my home. I spent all my time at home watching TV and surfing the web. I did No physical activity whatsoever and because I was bored I just kept eating and eating all the time. My life became an endless routine of sedentary lifestyle and terrible eating habits, which ultimately made me gain more than 100 pounds in less than 2 year. I was desperate because my body changed and I wasn’t comfortable with that, I also started to feel dizzy all the time and really tired because of the excess of cholesterol and the heart problems that I started experimenting due to my obesity.

I was extremely depressed, I had no energy, without knowing what to do, or where to get help. One Tuesday morning I was sitting in my couch feeling depressed, watching TV as usual and I saw an episode of Despierta America where Alejandro Chaban was talking about doing a mental diet and every single word he said just stuck with me, I felt like he was talking directly to me so I started following him everywhere. I opened a twitter account and added him on facebook and every single day I was more interested and identified with his approach to dieting. Ever since that day I began to follow his advice and to male all the recipes I saw on Yes You Can! The blog they had was my favorite part, they gave me amazing tips that got me motivated and gave me all the knowledge I needed to achieve my goal. I put in practice every single piece of information they gave out and the change was amazing and immediate.

Before starting with Yes You Can! Diet program I had tried a million different diets that didn’t work at all, I lost a little bit of weight but regained twice as much. The Yes You Can! Diet Plan I learned how to eat, the times I had to eat at, what the best movement options were for me and the most amazing recipes to enjoy all the food I love while I was losing weight. I’ve lost more than 80 pounds now and I’m a completely different woman. My husband can’t believe it and he says that I’m back to being that amazing, confident and beautiful queen that he fell in love with. I feel incredibly sexy and like I can wear anything I really want to. I thank god every day for putting Alejandro Chabán's Diet and his Yes You Can! Diet Plan because they helped me change my life forever.

The depressed mom who lost 80 pounds and became a happy woman! used our transformation kit


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