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Lyanne Ramirez  Success Story

Lyanne Ramirez Success Story

My name is Lyanne Ramirez. I am 23 years old from Puerto Rico and live in Baltimore. My husband rejected me because I was overweight. I was always thin and wore tight and sexy clothes. I could eat
everything without gaining weight. But my problems started when I got pregnant. My husband made fun of me and wanted to know when I was going to lose weight. He compared me with very big women and said that was my future. I tried
to hide my body, and I felt terrible. I turned to junk food and sweets. and got up to 170 pounds. I wore size 14 pants, as never before in my life. I didn’t want my husband to touch me, much less see me in broad daylight
without clothes on. I discovered that my husband had other girlfriends. The worst part was discovering that my husband spent hours on the internet with thin women and ignored me to be with them. I was dying of jealousy and despair
seeing that my marriage was collapsing because of my weight. I decided to change after my pregnancy. Once I finished breastfeeding my second daughter, I decided to get my body, health, and love back. I found Yes You Can! and
followed the plan, enjoying my Choco-Brownie Complete Whey Protein shakes. Today, I have lost 33 pounds. I am on my sixth month of maintenance. Thanks to Alejandro Chaban, I rescued my self esteem and won my husband back. In a
size small dress, I proudly say, Yes You Can!
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