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She lost 15 pounds in 30 days for Prom!

She lost 15 pounds in 30 days for Prom!

Yesenia Denis’ life changed overnight next thanks to Yes You Can! And its whole team of specialists. In the blink o an eye this young Cuban American stopped being the chubby girl that everyone ignored, said Yes You Can! and became a beautiful princess that everyone was dying to meet. In a few weeks she was able to make 2 of her dreams come true: reach her ideal weight and go to her prom with Alejandro Chabán as her date!

Yesenia’s problem, as it is for a lot of young people, started in her own home. Her mom cooked for her every day and tried to spoil her by making her all the dishes that she loved without realizing that she was hurting her health and her self-esteem. The excess of fried foods, white carbs, creamy dressings, and desserts were the reason this gorgeous prom queen developed terrible eating habits, to the point where she suffered from serious gastritis.

On top of the effect that her terrible nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle were having on her health there were also very serious emotional problems that were keeping Yesenia from being totally happy. The obesity and severe acne that she was suffering due to her nutritional habits had really affected her self-esteem and every day that went by she felt worse about the way she looked. One of her biggest frustrations was feeling different to everyone else, seeing how all of her friends were calling the attention of the boys in the class and how they all could buy the clothes they love while she thought everything looked terrible on her, she was convinced that no one would ever be interested in her. Yesenia was about to give up until Alejandro Chabán showed up and taught her how to love and believe in herself again.

In just 4 weeks Yesenia lost 18 pounds with the Yes You Can! Weight loss program, she went from a size 8 to a size 4 and she said goodbye to her acne problem forever. After a difficult process in which Alejandro helped her to completely change her way of eating, she saw an amazing improvement in her weight and in her complexion.

She loves the Yes You Can! protein Bars This amazing young winner learned how to defeat all of her fears and she started loving herself more than anything. Yesenia was able to enjoy the most memorable night in her life and she became the absolute prom queen. Now she is a very energetic, confident person with outstanding health and happiness.




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