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How to lose weight before Prom?

How to lose weight before Prom?

“A very hard moment that I remember from my obesity period was when it was time to look for my high school prom dress. That moment I realized that a size 22 was way too tight for me and I didn’t have a lot to choose from…”

This is a small reflection of how Karla’s life was when she was overweight. This is a very harsh momento for a teenage girl and Karla had to live through it. While all her friends enjoyed their lives and could wear whatever they wanted she had to settle for whatever she could find that fitted her.

Karla was like millions of overweight teens that enter a never-ending cycle of loneliness and food. She felt alienated and rejected because of her weight and her answer was always eating so she never attacked the problem, she just made it worse. Her life became very negative and for a very long time she blamed the rest of the World for her problems until one day she started following Yes You Can! and totally changed her perspective on life.

Yes You Can’s tips, positive attitude and life story inspired her to start trusting and believing in herself to have a happier life. Karla started changing her way of eating, she said goodbye to her sedentary lifestyle, she dedicated herself to eliminating her “inner fatty” and this way she was able to get rid of what she describes as ”a dark cloud that was overwhelming me and filling my life of sadness.” This young fighter succeeded in turning her life around and now she leads a totally different life.

After losing more than 70 pounds using the Weight Loss program Karla became a happy, sociable and very positive person. Today she enjoys buying the clothes she really likes, and her friends are the ones who envy and admire her amazing body. In her college graduation she was able to wear a spectacular size 4 dress, 8 sizes less than before, and she was the star of the night. This beautiful story is another proof of how will power and saying Yes You Can! can transform anyone’s life forever! By the way she loves having a Treat meal now with her friends and using the Yes You Can! Carb Blocker. 

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