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María Martínez

María Martínez

My name is María Martínez; I am 35 years old. I am Mexican, and live in Sacramento, California. I lived a toxic relationship for many years with my ex-partner. His infidelity and negative comments about my being overweight, after having had my children, were creating a void in my life that I thought only food could fill. I felt insecure, did not want my body, or even myself. The only thing that gave me ""peace"" was overeating. When I finally decided to end this relationship, I realized how bad I was. The fat that had accumulated on my belly would not allow me to bend down effortlessly. I weighed 200 pounds, and could not wear party dresses, much less swimwear. I had no energy, just wanted to eat and sleep. One day, as if fallen from the sky, my current partner came into my life. A man who loves me, respects me, and wants me to feel and look my best. He gave me my first Transform Kit Food Lover and said, ""I want you to feel complete again, and be happy."" This is how I started a new path with a hand from my second little angel: Yes You Can!. In the first month, I began to see results, it was a new María. That had again come to believe in herself thanks to her transformation. Today, I have lost 50 pounds. I feel complete, younger, and full of life. No matter how often you fall, Get up! Yes You Can!
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