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Perla Gómez

Perla Gómez

My name is Perla Gómez, and I'm 27 years old. I was born in Mexico, but I moved to the United States when I was a young girl. Since my teens, I was ""chubby,"" and didn’t take being overweight seriously. So, I would eat tacos full of cheese, beans, pork rinds, and anything else that I would crave. I was gaining weight and already the responsibilities as a mother who homeschools her children and works as a makeup artist left me with no time to cook and I opted for easier options. I would ask my husband to bring us fried tacos and burritos, which led me to weigh 184 pounds. I felt very sad about how I looked; I had lost my self-esteem, and I only took pictures of my face so I wouldn’t show the fat of my body that was size XL. My mother talked to me about Yes You Can! and showed me that I could continue eating my favorite foods, but in healthier portions and, even better, while using the supplements and proteins. Today, I have lost 48 pounds! I’m happy, have a regained confidence in myself, and enjoy my Mexican meals, but in a healthier way. I love taking photos, not only of my makeup work but my transformation, because I feel and look spectacular. And today, I say, Yes You Can!.
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