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Lizberh Cordero

Lizberh Cordero

My name is Lizberh Cordero; I'm 32 years old. I am Dominican, and live in New York. Pursuing the American dream, I worked non-stop and started skipping meals and damaging my health. After not having eaten during the day, I would come home late, and I felt that no matter what I served myself I would not feel full. All those piles of white rice with fried meats was my daily meal, which without realizing it, took me to weigh 152 pounds and a size L. I could no longer bend down and perform my housekeeping, because of my weight gain. All those extra pounds made it difficult to do the easiest things in life like breathing and climb stairs. My sister-in-law helped me at that moment and said: Yes You Can! is what you need. They have a healthy option for someone like you who has no time and is skipping meals! I immediately picked up the phone and my life changed. I could have my 5 healthy meals, taking to work my Complete Meal Replacements shakes that I love! And most importantly, I never go hungry and I feel energized. Today, I have lost 32 pounds. I feel beautiful, healthy, and prosperous. Now, I am a Yes You Can! Coach and I have achieved the perfect balance in my life, and I am ready to transform the life of others! Yes You Can!
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