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Hilda Lebrón

Hilda Lebrón

My name is Hilda Lebrón; I am 68 years old. I am Puerto Rican, and live in New Jersey. I never really liked my physical appearance because of my excess weight. Being retired, my daily routine became slow and sedentary. I would go out very little only to pass by the fast food drive-thru to eat alone at home lying on the sofa. This is how I reached 170 pounds. I was moody with my children and grandchildren; they didn’t even have one new photo of me because I refused even to do that due to my being overweight. I missed out on enjoying life; I hated mirrors because I did not want to see how the years had treated me and the weight had changed me. My family took me out of my “confinement,” and we took a trip together. They took pictures of me when I wasn’t noticing it and when they showed them to me all I could see were one stomach roll falling on top of another. I was devastated, and then I saw the success story that Alejandro Chaban shared, and his words inspired me, and I decided then that that would be my story, too. Today, I have lost 40 pounds! Now I am a modern grandmother who celebrates life, her years and her weight with pride. For the first time, I am a size M! I am happy to share my new lifestyle with my grandchildren who were my inspiration. And to all the grandmothers who believe they cannot regain their figures and look beautiful, I say to them: Yes You Can!
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