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How does obesity affect you emotionally?

How does obesity affect you emotionally?

We know that a lot of people who are overweight take a long time to realize that they have a problem and that it is necessary to do something about it. Fortunately Miguel Cote realized this even as a teenager, and decided to make a transformation in his life. With plenty of discipline and motivation from Yes You Can!, he was able to lose more than 50 pounds to regain control of his life, his health, and now, he isn’t only skinny but has also turned into a hottie.

Miguel had to go through many difficult moments in his life because of his obesity. Like many other people that struggle with their weight, he hid behind a mask, pretending that everything was fine and that he was happy. The reality of the situation was that every day he felt sadder and lonelier. Humor and laughter would be Miguel’s defense mechanism to hide all of his insecurity and hang-ups that he carried with him.

More than emotional weight, Miguel also started to understand the effect that obesity has on someone’s health. It was extremely difficult to perform daily activities, so much that climbing the stairs was an impassible obstacle. It was at that moment that he started to think about himself so that he could transform his body forever. Thanks to the 7 day detox and the Transformation kit, he found the strength and the tools to act and say goodbye to his obesity.

Sometime after saying Yes You Can! and changing his life forever, this superstar not only reached his ideal weight, but also was able to realize his dream of being a personal trainer, so that he can now help many people reach their goals of living healthy lives with an excellent idea of forming the first Express de Venezuela gym.

Now, Miguel continues to work hard to MAINTAIN the body he wanted, and is thankful for finding the Yes You Can!  clinically proven products as a healthy and NATURAL alternative that is effective for him and for many other people that train daily.



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