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What Are Yes You Can! Gluten-free Products, and How Can You Include them in Your Diet?

What Are Yes You Can! Gluten-free Products, and How Can You Include them in Your Diet?

If you follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons or by choice, Yes You Can! products are suitable for you.

For people who cannot consume gluten due to their health condition, it is difficult to go to the supermarket and fill their pantry since everyday things such as finding the right pancake mix are complicated because the supply of gluten-free products is limited. However, Yes You Can offer a healthy alternative for those seeking a healthy weight and live a gluten-free life.

In this article, we will explain the FDA parameters for gluten-free products and which Yes You Can! products you can integrate in your diet.

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found naturally in cereals such as wheat, barley, rye, and oats. It is responsible for giving consistency to the dough made from the flour of these seeds, which is why its use in cooking is extensive.

Foods that Contain Gluten

All food containing barley, wheat, rye, or triticale contains gluten. In the specific case of oats, some varieties are gluten-free but may be contaminated during the food production process, so it is important to read the product specifications.

Some of the foods that contain gluten and that we can frequently find are:

  • bread;
  • beer;
  • cereals:
  • french fries:
  • sauces:
  • pasta;
  • cookies;
  • baking mixes;
  • cakes;
  • candys;
  • among others.

What Does Gluten-Free Mean?

Gluten-free is the term used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to label foods that meet the requirements to verify that both within their components and in their manufacturing process there are no gluten-containing ingredients or possible contamination.

Thus, the FDA allows foods to be labeled gluten-free if:

  • They contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten due to the unavoidable presence.
  • Do not contain wheat, barley, rye, or derivatives within its ingredients.
  • Do not contain derivatives of cereals that have not gone through a procedure to eliminate gluten.
  • Do not contain derivatives of cereals that have been processed to eliminate gluten that exceeds 20 ppm.

Why People Choose a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Following a gluten-free diet is usually the result of the detection of a medical condition that requires modifications to your eating pattern, such as:

  • Celiac disease: Is an autoimmune disorder that causes gluten consumption to damage the small intestine and affect the absorption of nutrients. Swelling, diarrhea, headaches, and skin rashes are some of its symptoms.
  • Non-celiac gluten sensitivity: Shares symptoms with celiac disease but does not cause damage to the small intestine.
  • Wheat allergy: Like other foods, there is also a wheat allergy that can cause breathing difficulties, and skin rashes, among others.
  • Gluten ataxia: Another autoimmune condition caused by gluten, ataxia damages nervous tissues, making voluntary muscle movement difficult.

What Are Yes You Can! Gluten-free Products?

Yes You Can! offers gluten-free products so that those with a medical condition or who do not consume gluten by choice, can begin their transformation path towards their ideal weight.

Some of Yes You Can! gluten-free products are:

Meal Replacement

Yes You Can! meal replacements aim to replace two of your three main daily meals to help you lose weight. In each serving, it includes 20 grams of protein and is gluten-free.

You can find them in two sizes, 15 and 30 servings, and in seven different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, dulce de leche, and coffee.

Protein Bars

As part of the Yes You Can! weight loss diet, you need to eat two healthy snacks a day, such as protein bars. These bars meet gluten-free standards and provide between 10 and 14 grams of protein per serving.

It is presented for sale in boxes of 7 bars of between 29 and 40 grams with delicious flavors available such as churros, cookies and cream, caramel nut, and rocky road.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a great ally for building muscle mass, so if you are in the maintenance phase of the Yes You Can! program this is the perfect between-meal snack for you. In addition to being gluten-free, it helps regulate appetite and is low in calories.

Organic Pure Greens

It is made from organic alfalfa grass, kale, spirulina, oat grass, and barley grass, increasing the product’s quality. Although it includes ingredients that at first glance are not suitable for this type of diet, it is a product that meets gluten-free standards.

Aloe Vera Drink Mix

This Yes You Can! gluten-free product is made to help you maintain your hydration level throughout the day, replacing sugary drinks. It is available in mango, peach lemonade, pineapple, and hibiscus flavors.

How Can You Include the Yes You Can! Gluten-free Products in Your Diet?

While products like protein bars don’t have many combination options, you can enjoy other Yes You Can! gluten-free products as follows:

  • Shakes: Add water and your favorite fruits, such as banana, strawberry, or berries, and combine them with meal replacements or whey protein.
  • Smoothies: Add enough ice and water and blend it with Organic Pure Greens powder or Aloe Vera Drink Mix and enjoy a refreshing drink that you can consume at any time of the day to hydrate or combine it with your favorite savory products.
  • Healthy desserts: Whey Protein is suitable for adding to desserts, so you can use it to prepare cookies, cakes, brownies, and any healthy dessert.

Embracing a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Avoiding gluten in your daily diet can be challenging if you don’t know which products are correct. Making this change in your diet to improve your health does not have to exclude you from your goal of having a healthy weight and Yes You Can! gluten-free products are here to help.

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