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Benefits of Consuming Fiber: Why You Should Buy Yes You Can! Pure Fiber?

Benefits of Consuming Fiber: Why You Should Buy Yes You Can! Pure Fiber?

Daily fiber intake is essential for a balanced diet, but do you know why? Learn about the benefits of consuming fiber.

Consuming the necessary amount of fiber will help you maintain optimal health, since the intestine is an essential part of the human body. A healthy diet with fiber-rich foods is the ideal way to maintain good intestinal tract maintenance, but why is it necessary?

Below, we explain what it is, what foods you can find it in, and what the benefits of consuming fiber are naturally and in food supplements.

What is Dietary Fiber?

Dietary fiber is present in foods of plant origin and has multiple health benefits. When consumed, it travels through the entire digestive system until discarded, so the body does not absorb it. However, consuming fiber in your daily diet is essential for the proper functioning of your digestive system, so a diet high in fiber will help you stay in good shape.

Understanding Types of Fiber

We can differentiate two types of dietary fiber that, when consumed regularly, will be enough to have a healthy digestive system:

Soluble Fiber

It dissolves in water and, during the digestion process, gelatinizes, which makes this process slower. We can find it naturally in oats, nuts, lentils, beans, barley, and some vegetables and fruits.

Insoluble Fiber

On the other hand, insoluble fiber accelerates digestion, and adds volume to feces, making daily bowel movements easier. This type of fiber can also be found in foods we eat daily, such as wheat, whole grains, and almost all vegetables.

Recommended Daily Intake of Fiber

It is essential to meet the recommended daily intake amount to obtain all the benefits of fiber. An intake of between 20 and 35 grams per day is recommended for adults, and the same amount for adolescents and older children.

This amount varies for small children, since the calories they consume are not enough to cover this amount. However, it is recommended that they have a varied diet to get the fiber they need.

What Health Benefits Can You Get from Consuming Fiber?

As we just mentioned, dietary fiber is essential for the proper functioning of our body, but what health benefits can you get from consuming fiber?

Improves Digestion

Adequate intake of insoluble fiber speeds up the digestive process, so stool evacuations are regularized and, consequently, intestinal health is improved. Also, by having an intestine in optimal condition, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as constipation and hemorrhoids, are prevented, and the risk of colon cancer is reduced.

Prevents Constipation

A diet with adequate fiber can prevent constipation, reducing inflammation in the digestive tract. In addition, it is responsible for maintaining a good shape in the stool since it increases its size and improves its consistency, making it easier to dispose of.

Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Soluble fiber has several cardiovascular benefits, since its consumption has been proven to help reduce blood cholesterol levels and the chances of heart disease such as high blood pressure.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

In addition to the benefits for heart health, soluble fiber also helps control insulin levels in the blood, reducing them considerably. Consuming this type of fiber found in cereal grains is crucial not only for people who already live with diabetes but also for the population in general since, together with insoluble fiber, it also reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Helps Weight Loss

Consuming foods with high fiber content in your daily diet will help you achieve a healthy weight since they provide greater satiety, so your food portions will be significantly reduced. In addition, they have a lower caloric intake, helping to achieve the caloric deficit you need to lose excess weight.

Why You Should Buy Yes You Can! Pure Fiber?

Yes You Can! Pure Fiber is made from sugar cane fiber, chicory root fiber inulin, citrus pectin, fibersol, and acacia gums. These ingredients together offer you all the benefits of consuming fiber, such as:

  • Improves intestinal transit
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Improves stool consistency
  • Increases satiety

While insoluble and soluble fiber are found naturally in certain foods, consuming the amount needed to reap their benefits can be difficult if you have a busy daily life, as it requires more food preparation time.

However, Yes You Can! Pure Fiber offers a friendly solution since you only need to add a tablespoon to your Meal Replacement or protein shake to obtain the benefits of consuming fiber.

To buy Yes You Can! Pure Fiber, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the page
  • Enter the product's name in the search bar and select it.
  • Choose the best purchasing option, whether buying just one bottle or a package of 5, 8, or 12 bottles.
  • Additionally, you can purchase the product only once or sign up for the monthly buyback program.
  • Add the product to the cart.
  • Enter your shipping and payment information.

Importance of Dietary Fiber in Diet

Now, you already know what health benefits you can get from consuming fiber, so all that remains is to make the necessary modifications to your diet. Remember that with Yes You Can! Pure Fiber, you can reach the recommended daily amount and improve your health. Visit our online store and learn about all our products.

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