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Easy Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Easy Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Would you like to lose weight? In this post we tell you what exercises to burn belly fat you can do and what Yes You Can! supplements you should take.

 We share you the best exercises to burn belly fat and Yes You Can! products you should take.

Any plan to transform your lifestyle and body should always include healthy eating and consistent training. Of course, depending on what your goals are, you will have to choose from multiple exercises. For example, there are specific exercises to lose weight, to tone your muscles, or to build them.

This article focuses on the best exercises to burn belly fat. You can use them to create a new routine or to integrate them into your routine to make it more complete, so you can work other muscle groups. In addition, we share with you how to combine these exercises with Yes You Can! products to get fast results.

Best exercises to burn belly fat

There are many exercises to burn belly fat, and most of them can be done at home, with little or no equipment. Since the rectus abdominis muscle is the core of our body, working it in your training sessions will help you see improvements in your physical condition and reduce your fat percentage.

In addition, this muscle is essential for improving posture, balance, and performance. By strengthening it you will reduce the possibility of lumbar injuries, and you will be able to make less effort with this area of the body, this will avoid sudden or unbalanced movements.

Some of our favorite exercises to reduce excess abdominal fat, at home or in the gym, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, are:

Home Exercises

To do the following exercises you can use dumbbells, kettlebells, ankle weights, or medicine balls. But if you don't have any of these accessories, use other objects that suit your possibilities. No matter what accessory you use, check that it is suitable for your stamina and experience.


This exercise is perfect if you don't have any equipment since you only need your body to do it. If you want to improve your resistance levels, you can place weights on your ankles.

You will simply need to place yourself in the same position as in a high plank and alternately bring each of your knees towards your chest. To maximize results, remember to keep your abdomen contracted during each movement.


If you're new to this exercise, don't worry—practice is key to mastering it smoothly. While it's ideal to begin with a kettlebell, considering the multiple position changes involved, you can initially practice with something lighter. 

  • Start in the fetal position, gripping the kettlebell's handle with both hands, and roll onto your back until it lies flat on the floor. Maintain the kettlebell in one hand while bending the leg on the same side as the kettlebell.
  • The subsequent step involves lifting the weight with one hand and pushing yourself upward using your free arm on the floor. With this momentum, elevate your trunk, forming a straight line from your trunk to your arm. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • Following that, with your arm fully extended, elevate your hip off the floor. Subsequently, place your knee on the floor and pivot your body to rise to a standing position. Once ready, stand up and place your free hand on your abdomen. Replicate the same movements on the return.

Each time you change position, your arm should remain straight, holding the weight. Remember that each movement should last between three and five seconds.

Medicine Ball Burpees

You can do this exercise using a medicine ball or an imaginary "ball" if you don't have one. The biomechanics of this movement start by standing with the ball in your hands above your head. Then you should lower yourself, without releasing the ball, and reach a position similar to the high plank. In this position, you should push the ball toward the floor.

Once you are in this position, you must return to the starting position, doing a squat and jumping to stand up.


Sprawls are another type of burpee but much more intense. The advantage is that you don't need any equipment. To do them, start by placing your feet shoulder-width apart, with your hands on the ground. From there, jump and then lower your body to the ground, keeping your hands in position, as you would do in a push-up. Touch the floor and return to the plank position, and then do the squat with a jump. Finally, jump again to stand up.

Side-To-Side Medicine Ball Slams

The movement in these exercises to burn belly fat is very basic but also particularly effective. Start by holding the medicine ball with both hands above your head. Turn your torso to one side and move the ball down, turning your feet slightly. Then bring the ball up and repeat the movement to the other side.

You can do this movement with a short pause after each movement or slow down all the movements, you can also do it without equipment if you don't have any.

Russian Twists

Russian twists can be done with various props, such as dumbbells, planks or ankle weights. To do them, start sitting on the floor with your legs slightly bent, without your feet touching the floor, and your torso leaning back at a 45-degree angle. Hold this position and rotate your torso from one side to the other side, while holding something with weight.

Gym Exercises

If you're a gym enthusiast and prefer to work out in a facility with people who are interested in the sport, working out in a gym is for you. Since certain exercises to burn belly fat require gym equipment, we share with you some of the easiest ones.

Running With Incline

Use the treadmill with a comfortable incline and walk or jog for five to ten minutes, depending on your physical capacity. After this time, increase the speed and start running. Alternate these periods of walking/jogging and running for thirty to forty-five minutes.

The Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is perfect as an exercise to burn abdominal fat. The force exerted when pulling the cable of the machine comes mainly from the abdomen, which contracts with each repetition. A good workout consists of eight repetitions of twenty seconds of work with ten seconds of rest (without releasing the handle or getting off the machine).

When using this machine, try to gradually increase the distance. We advise you to row five hundred meters and measure your time to use it as a parameter in each subsequent session.

Stationary Bike

In addition to the gym, this exercise to burn belly fat can be done at home or outdoors if you have a stationary or mobile bike. The main reason it is effective for burning belly fat is because it speeds up the metabolism and burns a lot of calories, which contributes to fat loss in this area.

Stair Climber

The stair climber is a very complete machine that helps to increase the heart rate by imitating the movement of climbing stairs. It also works the legs, buttocks and, of course, the abdomen. This muscle group is essential to maintain stability on the stairs, so it is always activated during this type of exercise.

Yes You Can! Supplements to Promote Fat Burning

Staying consistent when exercising is a challenge that requires commitment. You need results that motivate you to keep training, that's why at Yes You Can! we have a line of products focused on fat-burning and weight loss. In our online store, you can find:

  • Fat Burner
  • Slim Down
  • All-In-One Kit

Fat Burner

Our Maximum Potency Fat Burner is one of our limited edition products that not only helps as a fat burner but also helps build lean muscle. Additionally, it has a delicious apple flavor, contains no caffeine or added sugars, and is suitable for vegans.

The combination of exercise and this fat burner will help you decrease your body's fat storage. With this product, you will be able to significantly increase the results of your effort, as long as you combine it with the benefits of functional training.

Slim Down

Slim Down is a thermogenic product that aims to increase body temperature to contribute to greater fat and calorie burning by accelerating your metabolism. It has multiple benefits, among which stands out its formulation with 100% natural ingredients. With it, you will not have to worry about chemicals that can harm your body.

All-in-one kit

The Yes You Can! All-In-One Kit includes a detox kit and a transformation kit. This means you will receive products such as meal replacement shakes, protein bars, colon cleansers, collagen, and Aloe Vera hydrating drinks, among many others. All to cleanse your digestive system and improve nutrient absorption, belly fat burning, and weight loss.

Is it OK to combine exercises to burn belly fat with Yes You Can! products? Yes! This winning recipe in your daily life will allow you to rediscover your body and your potential. Combine both with a healthy diet and a positive attitude, and you'll see how nothing will stop you. Explore our website to find more material to accompany you on your journey of transformation.

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