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Best Protein for Muscle Gain: How to Include it in Your Diet

Best Protein for Muscle Gain: How to Include it in Your Diet

Protein is necessary to increase your muscle mass, but some differences can make a difference. Here, we explain which protein is the best for muscle gain.

To achieve a healthy weight, it is necessary to reduce excess fat in the body, and the best way to do this is by increasing muscle mass. In this article, you will discover the best protein for muscle gain and how Yes You Can! products can help you increase your daily protein intake.

What Are the Best Proteins to Increase Muscle Mass?

Whey Protein

Whey protein is the best protein for muscle gain as it contains all the essential amino acids and has a high biological value. By frequently consuming this protein, your body will be able to repair muscles, strengthen your immune system, and increase your muscle mass. This last benefit also causes healthy weight loss since body fat will be burned at a faster rate.

This protein is very popular in dietary supplements as it helps increase resistance and recovery after training sessions.

Red and White Meat

Meat is also one of the best proteins for increasing muscle mass since it is a source of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals such as iron, vitamin B12, B6, B3, zinc, and phosphorus. In addition, it helps bone health by improving bone density and reducing the likelihood of suffering from osteoporosis.

As for weight loss, they also provide satiety, so by including them in your diet, you can balance your meals and feel less hungry, causing gradual weight loss.


Egg is also considered the best protein for muscle gain due to its biological value. This high-quality protein contains all the essential amino acids, but unlike meat, albumin helps the body absorb them more simply. In addition, it has a very low-calorie content and does not include carbohydrates or fats, making it ideal for a diet that seeks to lose weight.

Plant Protein

Another source of protein to increase muscle mass is found in plants such as nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains. This alternative has gained popularity, especially among those looking for a vegan option to obtain essential amino acids.

This type of protein has great benefits. It is low in saturated fat and rich in fiber, which allows the intestines and heart to remain in good condition. In addition, it is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Although it is not considered the best protein for gaining muscle because most are deficient in essential amino acids, some plant proteins have an excellent biological value index, such as pea protein, which scores 85, similar to the egg.

Is Animal Protein Better than Plant Protein?

To understand the answer to this question, it is first necessary to discuss the biological value of protein. Protein is a macronutrient that the body uses to keep muscles in optimal condition, so increasing its daily intake helps increase muscle mass and tissue repair.

This protein can provide essential and non-essential amino acids, the distinction of which lies in which ones our body can produce and which ones it cannot. This point is very important since it is used to measure the protein's biological value.

But what is it? In short, biological value refers to the relationship between the amount of amino acids contained in the protein per serving and the level of ease of absorption and assimilation. Now that we have clarified this point, we can say that animal protein has greater biological value than animal protein since they are capable of providing all the essential amino acids, while vegetable protein usually lacks at least one amino acid, which is why it requires a more significant variation of foods to be able to obtain these essential nutrients.

In this way, whey is at the top of proteins of animal origin since it has a score of 100 on the biological value scale, followed by egg whites with 88 and fish with 75 to 85, depending on the kind.

Get all the Benefits of Protein in an Easier Way

Although the consumption of proteins to increase muscle mass is a factor that you must include in your diet, if you want to see optimal results in less time, you can resort to other sources of proteins that will help you increase your daily intake of this group food.

Yes You Can! products offer two healthy protein options that you can include in your diet from the transformation phase: the Whey Protein shake and the Protein Bars. Next, we will explain a little more about their use and formulation.

Whey Protein

As we already explained, whey protein is an excellent ally for increasing muscle mass. Yes You Can! offer all its benefits through a shake to facilitate its consumption. With a delicious vanilla flavor, you only need to add a spoon to 8 ounces of water and mix it.

In addition, drinking your protein shake twice a day will help you control your appetite, avoid binge eating, which usually occurs when you are on a diet, and maintain your healthy weight since it contains 15 grams of protein and less than 100 calories per serving.

To buy our Whey Protein, you only need:

  • Click here to go to the Yes You Can! online store.
  • Choose if you want to buy it only once or make a monthly repurchase with a 10% discount.
  • Select the number of pieces you want to buy.
  • Add it to the shopping cart.

Protein Bars

In addition to protein shakes, you can include protein bars as snacks between meals to boost your energy and increase your daily intake. Yes You Can! offer 10 grams of protein per serving, and you can choose between two flavors: cookies and cream and churros.

If you want to add them to your diet, you must follow the following steps:

  • Choose your favorite flavor: cookies & cream or churros.
  • You can choose the number of boxes you want to buy. Each box contains 7 bars, and you can buy them individually or in packs of 5 or 8 boxes and save up to 30%.
  • Decide if you want to buy them for this occasion or make a monthly repurchase.
  • Once you have all your products in the shopping cart, it is time to enter your shipping, contact, and payment information. Remember that you can receive your package within 3 to 7 business days, except if you live in Alaska or Hawaii, where you can have your order in a maximum of 10 business days. Once you receive your tracking number, you can monitor the shipping status from our page.

Increase your Muscle Mass with the Help of Yes You Can!

Now that you know that whey protein is one of the best proteins for muscle gain, you can buy it in our online store and enjoy all its benefits. If you want to know more about our weight loss program and how to live a healthy life, continue exploring the Yes You Can! blog.

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