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The teacher who lost 40 pounds after beating his food addiction

The teacher who lost 40 pounds after beating his food addiction

Alejandro always felt as if he was less than everyone else and like nothing he said or did was worth anything because of his weight. For this teacher was traumatic to look at a mirror and he did everything he could to avoid them because when he saw himself in one he would feel depressed and he felt powerless because he didn’t look as good as his classmates and friends. After years of suffering he was able to retake the reins of his life and said Yes You Can! With strong will power, balanced nutrition, and a lot of discipline he was able to lose more than 40 pounds in only 16 weeks and he’s on his way to the body of his dreams.

One of his biggest frustrations was to have no control over his own body. He wanted to jump, run, use stairs, play sports and enjoy like the rest of his buddies but his weight and his health kept him from doing all these things. This young Venezuelan took the decision to shield from the situation, he assumed the role of the “funny fat guy” and this way he anesthetized his reality.  The truth was that behind that mask lived a scared young guy with very low self-esteem and very little love for himself. The most tragic memory that he has from this period was when one of his closest friends said to him: “ deal with it, you’ll always be the fatty of the group and you will die that way”.  This was the moment he decided to change his lifestyle and started to look for help to do it, fortunately he found the person who he considers to be his “guru”; Alejandro Chabán.

From one day another Alejandro Querales decided he wanted to be a completely new person. Following his mentor’s tips he was able to change the way he ate, he found the will power to start exercising and the strength to love himself. With every pound he lost our friend saw how a whole world of opportunities opened up for him and he was able to build up strength to achieve his ultimate goal. Today exercise and good balanced nutrition have led him to not only lose 40 pounds of physical and emotional weight but they have also made him into a source of inspiration for lots of people, that just like him, want to take on the Yes You Can! Challenge. ¡Way to go Alejandro! 

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