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How to Lose Weight Eating Mexican Food

How to Lose Weight Eating Mexican Food

Juan was born and raised in Northern California, but he feels more Mexican than American. Like in most Latin homes, his diet was not ideal for a person in his growing stage. Juan had always had a few pounds over his ideal weight, but the real problem began when he went to college and his weight went out of control reaching 250 pounds. 

Juan remembers this moment as one of the most difficult times in his life. Finding the inspiration in Alejandro Chaban’s book  was the only reason he could overcome this difficult time. Stress from last year’s classes in school made him use food as an escape, he couldn’t control his appetite and he only ate junk food. After graduation Juan started a very demanding internship where he was sitting in front of a computer for 12 hours straight and always used food to calm his anxiety. After one year on his job Juan gained weight to a total of 327 pounds, his health was at high risk and his doctors told him he was very close to diabetes and to a heart attack. 

In this moment of crisis he received, what he says is the best gift he has ever had in his life, De Gordo a Galan book. Juan was captivated with the story and was filled with will power and conviction in order to start changing his life. After following all the tips and advices from Alejandro and his Yes You Can ™ Detox, Juan lost more than 120 pounds and has been able to maintain his weight for more than 3 years, full of health and happiness. He is now able to prepare healthy Mexican dishes following the traffic light diet with a latin flavor. Today Juan is still following his eating plan and he has never felt anxiety or stress again thanks to the Transformation Kit  that he says is his best friend.

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