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What Are the Yes You Can! Weight Loss Programs and How Do I Choose the Best One?

What Are the Yes You Can! Weight Loss Programs and How Do I Choose the Best One?

Physical activity and a healthy diet are great ways to start on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Find out which Yes You Can program is right for you.

Having a healthy weight is a long road to travel that requires changes in your lifestyle to achieve it. But is there an easier way to achieve your goal? With the Yes You Can! program, you can change your eating habits without much work. Below, we tell you about our weight loss programs and how you can find the ideal one for you.

What Is the 2+2+1 Formula?

Every program needs a base structure to sustain development and, thus, achieve the result. Alejandro Chaban’s program is designed from his experience changing his eating habits and lifestyle to have a healthy weight.

He concentrated this knowledge into an initial formula known as 2+2+1 that changes your lifestyle habits:

  • 2: 1 meal replacement twice a day. It is taken in the form of a smoothie for breakfast and dinner.
  • 2: 1 protein bar twice a day. Eating a healthy snack between meals will help you reduce your appetite and avoid binge-eating.
  • 1: 1 whole meal. With the help of the nutrition guide, you can prepare a nutritious food that covers all your calorie needs. 

This way, you can have five meals daily in 3-hour intervals, making your body burn calories more quickly. Remember that to have healthy weight loss, you must follow the Yes You Can program as directed.

What Are the Yes You Can! Weight Loss Programs?

Each Yes You Can! program is based on clinical tests carried out in 2016, and can be used by all people over 18 years of age, regardless of their medical conditions, since its objective is to improve the quality of life and help you achieve your personal goals of a healthy weight.

In this way, Alejandro Chaban’s programs are:

Detox Program

This program is ideal for those seeking a new, healthy life. Before fully immersing yourself in a weight loss program, it is recommended to have a 7-day detox period to cleanse your body of stored toxins.

In addition to promoting detoxification, the products used in this program have anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is also considered an effective weight loss program.

The Yes You Can! detox program works as follows:

  • Take 3 Natural Detox capsules daily, one in the morning and two at night, for seven days.
  • Add a tablespoon of the aloe vera and pineapple flavored diuretic to your water and drink it throughout the day to eliminate toxins from your body through urine.
  • Use Meal Replacement to replace two of your three daily meals. Add a tablespoon of fiber to help improve your digestion.

Once you finish the seven days of detox, it is recommended to repeat the process every 30 days.

Transformation Program

This program is the heart of the 2+2+1 formula since it completely involves changing eating habits to achieve a healthy weight quickly. To follow this weight loss diet, you must replace two meals daily and eat two healthy snacks to reduce hunger between meals so that you will consume more than 60 grams of protein daily.

Additionally, you can enhance the formula by taking the supplements included in the Transformation Kit:

  • Slim Down: Fat-burning capsules will help you accelerate body weight loss.
  • Appetite Suppressant: This supplement will help you control your appetite throughout the day, preventing binge eating and causing satiety.
  • Colon Cleansing: The Yes You Can! program includes probiotics that will maintain the health of your colon, a part of the digestive system crucial in weight loss and using nutrients.
  • Collagen: Collagen capsules will improve your skin, hair, nails and muscles.

To see the results of the supplements, you need to take one capsule of each along with breakfast.

Maintenance Program

This Alejandro Chaban program aims to consolidate the results achieved in the Transformation program, so its objective is those people who have already completed the first two phases.

Now that you have the healthy weight you wanted to have, it is time to modify your diet plan and follow the 1+2+2 regimen, which means:

  • 1: replace a daily meal with a Meal Replacement shake.
  • 2: between meals, two healthy snacks, protein bars, or protein shakes.
  • 2: two balanced meals a day. You can try all your favorite foods from our recipe book.

How Do I Choose the Best Yes You Can! Program?

Now that you know each Yes You Can! program, we'll tell you how to choose the one that's right for you.

Analyze Your Needs

Although Yes You Can! programs are complementary, it is essential to analyze your needs before starting. It is not only a weight loss program since its objective is to help you have a healthy life and improve your eating habits, so people of all weights can put their system into practice.

Asking yourself your needs will help you know how to choose the best program for you. Remember that the main objective is to create a healthy habit, so you must stick to your actual needs.

Define Your Goal

You must define your goal according to the needs you have already detected: losing weight or gaining muscle are good examples. This goal will help you know which path you should follow while constructing healthy habits for life.

Choose an Alejandro Chaban Program

Now that you have a goal, it’s time to choose a Yes You Can! program. If your goal is to lose weight, the best way is the Transformation program since it is the most complete program to help you change your eating habits and reach the weight you want to have.

On the other hand, if you are a person who already has a healthy weight and what you are looking for is to gain muscle and improve your physical condition, we recommend choosing the maintenance program.

Whatever your choice, it is best to start with the detox program to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body. Once you have finished the 7-day phase, you can continue with the program that fits your goal.

A New Way to Have a Weight Loss Coach Within Your Reach

Wanting to change your eating habits and have a healthy life is the sign you need to start one of Alejandro Chaban’s programs. Remember that you can buy all the products in our online store and complement them with the healthy recipes in our free e-books.

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