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My Yes You Can! Weight Loss Journey by Chiquis Rivera

My Yes You Can! Weight Loss Journey by Chiquis Rivera

You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to share this Blog with you, I’m soooo excited about it! It’s thrilling to be able to tell you about this whole experience I’ve had with the Yes You Can! Weight Loss Program y help you realize that really anyone of you can do it too. You already know a little bit about this because of what I’ve posted on my social media and the interview in People Magazine but in this Blog I’m going to tell you all the little details about my Yes You Can! journey, of how I was able to overcome a lot of obstacles to achieve this amazing transformation.  

I’ve always had issues with my weight, I’m not one of those girls who’s totally obsessed with being super skinny but I’ve had to live with the fact that I was never happy with the person I saw in the mirror. As you all know I’m a total fashionista so it was very frustrating to see an amazing dress, trying it on super excited and then just having to leave it there because I didn’t feel comfortable in it. Now, after losing 31 pounds with the plan I feel 10000 times more confident, everyone tells me I look a lot happier and the coolest thing is that thousands of people are getting inspired by my story and now they’re ready to make a change in their own lives.

The thing that helped me achieve my goal while being motivated the whole time this is that the plan is soooo complete! It has everything that someone who is battling with their weight needs to be able to look and feel spectacular. Yes You Can! Diet Not only helped me to understand the way I was supposed to be eating but it also helped me realize that being over weight is not only a physical problem, it’s an emotional problem. In order for you to lose the weight and keep it off it’s very important to do what my friend Alejandro Chaban taught me and that’s to do a mental diet. You have to ignore all the negative energy around you and convince yourself that what you’re doing is for YOURSELF, it doesn’t matter what anybody says or thing, block out all the haters!!!

The traffic light guide was one of my favorite things about the plan since day 1 because it’s really easy to follow and as soon as I saw that I could eat beans, rice and tortillas I literally yelled OH MY GOD!!! Because up to that point I thought that dieting was all about eating celery and lettuce like a bunny. Every day I learned more and this was useful because I’m always running around from one place to another so actually knowing what I can and can’t eat I was able to stay on the diet anywhere I went.

For the Meal Replacement protein shakes I can only say that I’m their biggest fan ever! I take them eeeeverywhere I go because they’re the perfect solution for my cravings. AT the end of last year I had a trip to Monterrey and I was kinda scared because I knew that I was going to have to go from one vent to the other non-stop for a few days and I was going to have a few long layovers where I wasn’t going to get anything healthy to eat so I took my shakes and that kept me focused 24/7. I was impressed of how the shakes kept me full and they scared my cravings away, also whenever I was in the mood for something sweet I just froze them and had them as an ice cream, they taste sooooo good!

The natural supplements are also amazing because they’re 100% natural and I’ve always been extremely careful with that. They don’t make me dizzy, shaky, they don’t give me a headache or anything like that. I can really feel the supplements working without them affecting what I’m doing every day. The Yes You Can! appetite suppressant was a total life saver, during the holidays I went through a lot of stress and anxiety and with this pill I was able to calm down, concentrate on myself and leave behind all the chaos that was around during these days. The Yes You Can! fat burner was also a huge help because it gave me a lot of energy without that nasty crash that energy drinks give you. Between tours, family events, mi fashion blog and all the other projects I had I needed to be on point and super sharp so that boost that I got from the fat burner was awesome. All of us girls are really scared of the word cellulite, that’s why I took two collagen pills every day since day 1 LOL I didn’t want that as I lost weight my skin would look flabby and wrinkly  and looking like an orange. The collagen helped achieve this and it also helped my hair and my nails look amazing! Also loved the colon optimizer full of pro biotics

The truth is that now I wouldn’t change my life for anyone’s, for the first time in my life I feel like I’m in the right path and I feel like every new day is full of amazing opportunities for me. Seeing myself in the cover of People Magazine next to Alejandro was an amazing wakeup call, the new and improved Chiquis has arrived and she’s here to stay!

I hope you guys liked my first Yes You Can! Blog and that you guys keep coming back every week for a lot more insight into my whole weight loss process and my life. I love you guys, remember that if I was able to do it you’ll do it too! Leave me your questions and comments right here and any topics that have for me to write about! See you all next week!!

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