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How Can I Make a Good Meal and Diet Plan?

How Can I Make a Good Meal and Diet Plan?

Knowing how to design a weight loss meal plan can be a challenge. That's why at Yes You Can!, we provide key recommendations to achieve it. Get to know them!

When it comes to living a healthier life, sorting out your nutrition can be challenging. It’s a vital part of any fitness or wellness journey, but let’s be honest, creating a weight loss meal plan that works without leaving you hungry 24/7 can be difficult. This article explains how to achieve it.

How to Create a Healthy Diet Plan

You’ve probably heard of hundreds of online diets that claim to help you lose weight quickly or without giving up the foods you love. While these methods may sound tempting, many stem from unreliable sources, and although you might see results, these methods can often harm your health.

To learn how to create a meal plan for weight loss or for a healthier diet, we recommend sticking to these three recommendations:

  • Have a balanced diet based on your needs
  • Incorporate regular physical activity into your diet plan
  • Include supplements that enhance nutrient assimilation

Have a Balanced Diet Based on Your Needs

We don’t all have the same nutritional needs, given our activities, morphology, and health conditions. While there are specific basic guidelines for healthy eating — such as including plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains — it is ideal to consult an expert if you want to start a serious nutrition plan to improve your health. A certified nutritionist can create a meal plan tailored to your specific needs.

You should also consider that the consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco use, stress, and poor sleep are factors that affect how our body processes food. Moderating or eliminating these unhealthy habits is necessary to achieve optimal physical well-being.

Incorporate Regular Physical Activity into Your Diet Plan.

Remember, an effective diet plan goes hand in hand with physical activity. Good nutrition will undoubtedly bring many benefits and help maintain a healthy weight. Still, if you genuinely want to lead a healthier life, lose weight, and see a transformation in your body, it's vital to engage in at least 42 minutes of exercise per day.

A study led by researchers at Harvard University indicates that more benefits are obtained from exercise if you engage in 5 to 10 hours of moderate physical activity per week or 2 hours and 30 minutes to 5 hours of vigorous physical activity.

Your exercise routine should align with your goals (maintenance, weight loss, muscle gain, etc.). Certified trainers can design a tailored workout plan that accelerates your progress and minimizes the risk of injury or overexertion.

In the era of digital interactions, you also have the opportunity to follow professional trainers through social media and access their routines through these channels, often free of charge. Just remember to choose carefully, check the reputation of the trainers, follow the routines according to your abilities, and consult with professionals in person if you have any doubts about the pertinence of the exercises for you.

Include Supplements That Enhance Nutrient Assimilation

A significant measure to enhance a balanced diet and consistent physical activity is incorporating dietary supplements. These products are made from natural ingredients and aim to provide extra nutrients or increase the dietary intake of a component that we don’t get in sufficient quantities from our regular food consumption.

Yes You Can! products have a line of dietary supplements that you can include in your diet plan to help you achieve your goals for a healthier life. Remember that dietary supplements should not completely replace your usual food intake; they should enhance and complement the benefits of your regular diet.

New Yes You Can! Products You Can Incorporate Into Your Meal Plan

If you already have the guidance of an expert to create your diet plan and exercise routine, it’s time to choose some dietary supplements that enhance all your efforts and lead you to your goal. Some new products from Yes You Can! that you can find in the official store are:

Happy Joints

Happy Joints is designed to relieve joint discomfort that might limit your physical activity. Made from collagen and enriched with vitamin C, Happy Joints promotes mobility and rejuvenates cartilage.

Water Lipo Natural Diuretic

Water Lipo is a natural diuretic that helps restore healthy water levels in your body, preventing water retention and subsequent bloating. It is an excellent ally in weight loss and is fortified with antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to strengthen your health. The best part? It’s entirely suitable for vegans.

Natural Detox

We know that we can’t always stick to our diet regimen 100%. A special event or an unexpected trip might force us to change our routine. For those times when we feel the need to reset our system, there’s Natural Detox. This product aids in body purification thanks to the herbs and vegetables in its composition.


Getting all the vitamins our bodies require through food can be tricky, especially as we age and we start having difficulties assimilating certain substances. Yes You Can!'s multivitamin is an excellent option to cover these deficiencies that even the best diet might have.


According to information verified by WebMD, collagen has multiple health benefits, including helping the growth and increased strength of nails and hair, enhancing skin elasticity and hydration, reducing osteoarthritis-induced pain, and increasing muscle mass. Yes You Can!'s collagen capsules can provide all these benefits.

Colon Cleanser

The uncomfortable feeling caused by poor digestion is a thing of the past thanks to Yes You Can!’s Colon Cleanser. Prepared with peppermint extract, ginger, psyllium seed husk, and sources of gum Arabic fiber, this product helps regulate your intestinal health and your daily visits to the bathroom.

Take a positive step toward a healthier life that promises nothing but advantages. Kickstart your journey by adopting healthier eating habits, maintaining a regular exercise routine, and enhancing your diet with  Yes You Can! dietary supplements. The Yes You Can! team is here to assist you on this exciting journey. Contact us for more information or personalized guidance.

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