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How To Keep Focused on your diet When You Are On The Road

By Yes You Can! October 22, 2022

Being on the road all the time can be very stressful and it can really affect your diet process, I know that it always messes up my schedules and my routine but slowly I’ve been learning a few tricks that have helped me keep my focus no matter where I am. The main thing is to always try to keep your habits in check and follow a same pattern, even if there’s a time difference where you’re going. Here are some other helpful tricks that will come in handy for all you guys:

Pack smart:

If you know you’re going to be on the road for a long time make sure you take enough water and healthy snacks with you to avoid having to eat fast food (which is basically all you can get on a road trip). If you don’t have anything at home you can still find healthy stuff at a rest stop like almonds, a protein bar or sliced turkey. My best friend on the road is my Yes You Can! Meal replacement shake, it really helps me feel full and it helps my sweat cravings.

Keep your head in the game:

When we travel we easily loose track of time because we’re really out of our element so make sure you program alarms on your phone to help remind you of when you have to eat your meals. Remember that skipping meals is just as bad as eating bad stuff.

Choose smart when eating out:

When we travel around we usually eat out but this is NOT an excuse to cheat on our diets people! Every single restaurant has healthy options. Just remember you should always choose grilled instead of fried, steamed instead of smothered in sauce and don’t even look at the bread or chips they give you before the meal. It’s really not worth it. Always ask for sauces and dressing on the side and focus on your protein (steak, chicken, fish fillet or seafood) more than on the sides. Also, I always carry a Protein Bar in my bag.

Learn how to say no:

When we travel to see family, to visit friends or on business we usually get invited to cocktails, dinner parties, family dinners and other events where we’re expected to have a few drinks or eat anything that they give us but just remember that for the people inviting you it seems like nothing but YOU know how much effort you’ve put in so far and you also know that YOU are the one who’s gonna have to work twice as hard the next day. Without being disrespectful or hurting anyone’s feelings make sure you help them understand your process and that if you say no it’s not personal, you’re just looking out for yourself.

I hope you guys like these little tips and that you put them in practice next time you leave home for a while. They’ve been really helpful for me and I know they’ll work for you too. Again I thank each and every one of you for the unconditional love and support, I love you guys soooo much. Keep writing back with your questions and comments.

Keep it beautiful Boss Bee Nation.



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