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How Does the Yes You Can! Program Work?: the Complete Guide

How Does the Yes You Can! Program Work?: the Complete Guide

Do you want to improve your eating habits and lose weight simultaneously? Learn how the Yes You Can program works, and get started now!

How Does the Yes You Can! Program Work?: Example of a balanced breakfast.

Obtaining a healthy weight is not about following a restrictive diet, as you might think. To reach your goal and prevent the rebound effect, it's essential to enhance your dietary habits and combine them with regular physical activity. However, there are ways to help you modify your lifestyle more quickly and achieve your goal.

Do you want to lose weight quickly but in a healthy way? The Yes You Can! program can help you achieve this. Learn all the details about how it works and the products you can include in your new diet.

How Does the Yes You Can! Program Work?

Alejandro Chaban, the creator of this eating regimen, relied on his own experience to create a formula that could be easily replicated in other people's daily lives and would help them achieve a healthy weight. But what does it consist of?

2+2+1 Formula

The Yes You Can! program is based on the 2+2+1 formula that allows you to have five meals a day in shorter periods, which causes your system to accelerate the calorie-burning process, thus losing more weight in less time. This diet is based on an approximate daily consumption of 1200 to 1500 calories for women and 1500 to 1800 calories for men.

However, it is not a restrictive diet that generates a rebound effect if you stop it. Actually, the Yes You Can diet aims to achieve weight loss by forming new eating habits that, in addition to helping you achieve a healthy weight, encourage the formation of muscle mass and maintenance habits.

Before starting this change in your daily life, you must know in depth what it consists of. The Yes You Can! program has three phases, each with a specific objective and agenda.

Detox Phase

The program's first phase consists of a 7-day detox where you will release all the toxins lodged in your body, cleansing your liver deeply. This way, you will begin the second phase as a blank canvas, enhancing the results.

In addition, this phase will allow you to become familiar with the 2+2+1 formula since, in addition to the detox, you will begin by replacing your breakfast and dinner with the Yes You Can! meal replacement.

Transformation Phase

After you have detoxified your body, you can begin the second phase. This completes the 2+2+1 formula by replacing two of your main meals with a meal replacement, two protein snacks between meals, and a balanced meal. Following this formula as a base, you can change your eating habits and reach a healthy weight.

Maintenance Phase

This phase begins when you have achieved your first goal: a healthy weight. Now, your efforts will be directed to maintaining it through a more active life and some changes to your Yes You Can! diet.

Unlike the first phase, in the maintenance stage, the formula is reversed. You can replace one of your three main meals with a shake, have two snacks between meals, and have two balanced meals daily.

Additionally, in this phase, since increase in muscle mass is promoted, you can drink two whey protein shakes daily as a snack between meals.

What Yes You Can! Products Should I Take to Follow the Program?

Now that we have answered the question of “how does the Yes You Can! program work?” the next step is to know how you can follow this regimen with our products. To facilitate this process of change, each of the phases has at least one kit of products you must consume with the indicated frequency.

Below, we will tell you more about each kit you can buy to follow the program.

7-Day Detox Plus Kit

This kit contains everything you need to start the first phase. It includes 20 Detox capsules, a 40-serving aloe vera powder drink, a 15-serving Meal Replacement, a fiber to add to your shakes, and a shaker.

Transformation Kit

This kit integrates the second part of the Yes You Can! program. It consists of two meal replacements in your preferred flavor, providing a total of  30 servings each, 30 fat burner capsules, 30 appetite suppressant capsules, 30 colon cleanser capsules, 30 collagen capsules, a shaker, a heart band, and a nutrition guide.

All-in-One Kit

This kit integrates the detox and transformation phases into one, so you won't need to make separate purchases. Plus, it includes two boxes of protein bars, so you'll have everything you need to complete the 2+2+1 formula.

Food Lover Kit

This is one of two maintenance kits from Yes You Can! Replace protein bars with whey protein shakes to gain muscle mass and maintain your healthy weight. Additionally, it includes collagen capsules, appetite suppressants, fat burners, and colon cleansers.

Young Adult Kit

Intended for 18-year-olds who want to maintain a healthy weight, Yes You Can! has created a kit that enables them to seamlessly continue the maintenance stage without investing extensive time in meal preparation.  It includes a 15-serving meal replacement, a box of protein bars, 30 multivitamin pills, and an aloe vera powder drink.

Start the change today!

Achieving your healthy weight goal in a short time is possible by following our formula for success. Start with the Yes You Can program and improve your eating habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use the Yes You Can! Program?

Anyone over the age of 18 can follow the Yes You Can program! It suits people with obesity, hypertension, hypothyroidism, cholesterol, and other conditions.

How Often Should I Do the Detox Phase?

Doing a detox round for seven days every thirty days is recommended.

How much Weight Can I Lose during the First Month of Doing the Yes You Can! Program?

A person can lose between 5 and 15 pounds during the first phase and 5 and 25 pounds during the second phase. This depends on each person, so weight loss may be greater or less than these ranges.

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