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Gaby Espino shares her fitness gift ideas

Gaby Espino shares her fitness gift ideas

My Gift Ideas for Christmas

Well it finally seems like the year is coming to an end, it flew by, didn't it? These last few weeks have been crazy because of all the festivities, I finished recording Santa Diabla, I made my debut as a blogger here with you and a thousand other things that have kept me running around all day. Now finally come a few days a little quieter that I plan to take full advantage to share and enjoy with my little ones and the rest of my family and to buy my Christmas presents!

I love giving gifts and I always make an effort to give my friends and family things that they will really like. Most of my friends are in a super healthy and fit vibe, especially Ale, so I started looking around and found a lot of cool stuff to give them. If you also want to give the gift of health, check out these gift ideas for this year:

1. Sportswear: although a pair of leggings or sneakers will not make you run faster or do more squats, having new clothes for the gym motivates you to go with more desire. who of you do not like to brand new? Besides, nowadays there are thousands of options in different models and colors that fit every type of personality. I have more than one person who would love a new pair of fluorescent orange shoes to go out for a night run.

2. Jawbone: I thought this gadget was the coolest, it's a very cool wristband that you wear and download an app for your phone that tells you exactly how much physical activity you did during the day, how many steps you took, how active you should be, how you're eating and even measures the amount and quality of sleep you're getting. It's the perfect way to keep track of what we're doing well and where we should improve.

3. A food cooler: you've probably seen the one Alejandro Chaban uses and the ones Yes You Can! to celebrate their anniversary. I got mine too and I swear I looked like a little girl when I opened it. It's the best tool there is to stay focused on your diet and not depend on anything to eat healthy. With one of these little lunch boxes you will always have your meals ready and you will never have an excuse to break your diet. I assure you that anyone you give this as a gift will be happy!

4. Exercise kit for home: Many people I know always hear the excuse that lately they have left aside their movement routine due to lack of time, that's why this gift is great. A balance ball, a yoga mat, a pair of dumbbells or a jump rope can be the perfect gift so that not even the cold of winter is a reason to skip a day of exercise. Throw in a good at-home workout book and you've got everything you need to start burning off those extra holiday calories!

5. Yes You Can! All in one Kit: obviously this is a must have, it's the best gift for anyone whether they want to lose weight or keep it off. It has everything someone needs to refocus after Christmas and start 2014 with the most spectacular body. I have a line of people waiting for their Kit and it really is an incredible gift, it is the opportunity to give someone a total change in their lives. It is also perfect for everyone because the supplements are 100% natural, the shakes are diviiiinos and the food guide is easy to follow. I really recommend it!

Well I hope you like these healthy gift ideas for Christmas. As always I send you a million kisses for all the love and support you always give me and I hope you get ideas from here and tell me how it went! I'll see you right here next week with more tips. A huge kiss, I love you all and don't forget to leave your questions and ideas for the next blogs!

Gaby Espino 

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