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Vivi Eidel

Vivi Eidel

She didn't weigh herself for five years

My name is Vivi Eidel, I am Peruvian and I live in Naples, Florida. Since my first pregnancy, I decided to stop weighing myself. I spent five years without knowing all the weight that was gaining, until last Christmas. When got up the scale, I found out the most terrifying news, I had gained 100 pounds! As a child, I was always chubby and my parents hid food from me and took care of my weight. So when I grew up and I felt comfortable and loved in my marriage, despite that I was gaining weight, I decided not to worry anymore. I started eating in large quantities, like a whole ice cream jar every night and drank a lot of soda. I weighed 255 pounds. I completely lost my self-esteem, I hated how I looked and I didn’t want to take pictures with my children anymore, so I don’t exist in their birthdays or Christmas photos. My dream was to be able to feel happy again in my own skin, to put on a dress that made me looked beautiful and to stand proudly next to my children. I found the wonderful Yes You Can! community and they helped me lose 95 pounds! From a 1X size, I am now a medium size! Thanks to Alejandro Chabán and Yes You Can!, I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and I don’t want to miss another photo with my family.
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