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Vilma Corio

Vilma Corio

My name is Wilma Corio, I am Puerto Rican and I live in Ohio. Throughout my life, I struggled with my weight, but what really made me lose control was when I moved to the United States. I wanted to improve my life in this country and with two jobs and a beautiful family, I made up any excuse that I didn’t have time to take care of my nutrition. I only ate fast food, like pizzas and hamburgers, and I got to 180 pounds and an extra-large size. I really wanted to visit my hometown, but I didn’t imagine that being overweight would make that wish a very painful moment. After five years, I returned to Puerto Rico and the only thing that caught everyone’s attention was how fat I was. In an island where you can only wear shorts and beachwear, there was no way to hide my fatness. However, those sad days made me take the decision to get my life back. I've lost 50 pounds! I feel beautiful, happy to steel looks again, and be a proud Latina thanks to Yes You Can!.

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