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Stephanie Vargas

Stephanie Vargas

She lived surrounded by temptations

My name is Stephanie Vargas, I am Dominican, and I live in New York. I feel as I inherited my obesity from my parents and although I tried to change my destiny, apparently even my work indicated that I had to be overweight. I was always surrounded by hamburgers, fries, and sodas that were impossible to resist and I also made them my daily foods. I came to weigh 214 pounds! I was so eager to lose weight that I kept trying everything until I finally found Yes You Can!. My Yes You Can! Coach is a success story and I saw her transformation. I decided it was time to start mine and for the first time, I began to see results. As of today, I have the same family that I love and I'm still in the same job that helps me support my children, but I'm not the same person. I’ve lost 69 pounds and I showed the world that nothing and nobody determines my destiny and that I can say Yes You Can!.
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