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Sobeiry Tejada

Sobeiry Tejada

Embarrassing Holiday led to transformation

My name is Sobeiry Tejada. I’m 28 years old; I’m from the Dominican Republic, and I live in Orlando, Florida. Like any good Caribbean, I was never without my rice, beans, and plantains. If I ever wanted a snack, I would fry some tostones, fill them with sauce and salt as a finishing touch to enjoy. Over time, I started to notice changes in my body, but I didn’t give it much thought. I went up in weight and despite XL sizes no longer fitting, I was still in denial. A joyful day like New Year’s Eve, became one of shame. On that day, my husband’s family came to pick us up, and when I tried to get in the car, I didn’t fit. Half of me was sticking out of the car! I asked them to leave without me, and I stayed behind reflecting on how far my obesity had gone. The next morning, I stood on the scale, that’s when I saw that horrible number: 240 pounds! I got on the scale a 2nd time, I was obese and I had to accept it. I came to my senses and decided to seek help. And that is how I found Yes You Can! As of today, I’ve dropped 90 pounds enjoying a healthy lifestyle with a Latin flavor. I take care of my life at every moment, and I feel very healthy and full of energy thanks to Yes You Can! Now, there is nothing to stop me in this race called life!

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