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Single Mom lost 86 pounds in 6 months

Single Mom lost 86 pounds in 6 months

Waleska Rodriguez, story has the same beginning as the story of millions of Latinos who come to the US and suffer from what’s known as a “food shock”. This happens when people start over-eating without realizing the amount of weight they are gaining because of the difference in the food. One day Waleska decided that she had to put an end to her situation, her health was being compromised and she had to find a definite solution. 
It was a very happy coincidence that Alejandro Chaban entered her life at this moment. Waleska started following him and practicing all of the advice that he was living all of his viewers on TV and this is how she took the first steps in this journey towards a new life. The first advice that she remembers following was putting more colors into her plate, this alone made a huge difference and was the first change of many that she made to her nutrition. Watching Alejandro became a relief for her, every time she saw him she learned something new and got closer to her dream. 
For Waleska it was a revelation to hear Alejandro talk about his own process, she felt like he was a real human being, totally relatable unlike all the other people she saw on television. Waleska says that what helped her most was being able to identify perfectly with all the things that Alejandro told and all the staff he had to go through. She felt like Alejandro understood exactly what she was going through on a daily basis and this made her feel supported 
Waleska went from a size 24 to a size 12 and for the first time, since she was 9 years old, she wore a bathing suit with absolute confidence. She started with her Detox Plus Kit and continued with her Transformation Kit for 6 months. Thanks to the inspiration she got from Alejandro Chabán she was able to develop a love for clothes, she didn’t have to buy whatever fitted but she could buy what she really liked. Yes You Can! was able to make this superstar feel like her heart and her soul were both finally full. 


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