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Ricardo González

Ricardo González

Focused on providing for his family, he neglected himself

My name is Ricardo González, I am Mexican and live in Texas. In this country, you have to work very hard to support your family. I was so focused on providing for them that I neglected myself, and gained a lot of weight. I ate whatever was around at any time. It got to the point that I couldn’t play with my kids anymore, I couldn’t fit in mechanical rides, nor enjoy swimming in the pool. One day, my father ended up at the hospital with many complications due to his obesity. I was very scared of losing him, which made me realize: What would happen if due to my unhealthy lifestyle, I couldn’t be there for my kids anymore? I had to act fast! My wife talked to me about Yes You Can!. It became very easy to follow the diet, and use the meal replacements shakes and Nutrition Guide. I lost 70 pounds, and there is no one who can stop me now. Thanks to Yes You Can!, my family has a dad full of energy to take care of them and love them for many years to come.

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