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Raquel Munoz

Raquel Munoz

She is a chef and did not know how to eat properly

My name is Raquel Munoz, I am 40 years old, I’m Mexican and I live in San Antonio, Texas. My life has been always on a fast track. My parents told me that in my younger years, I was unstoppable. I'm a warrior woman, I fight until I get what I want. That same attitude, led me to have my own Mexican Restaurant when I arrived to San Antonio. My days went by so fast. I invested all my time in my business, it never affected me or gave me "temptations", because my metabolism was very fast. What I ate I burned, I was very thin. Until I reached my 30's and my metabolism got slow like a turtle! Everything I ate, became an extra pound! It was terrible, I did not have the vitality that characterized me ... I wasn’t “Fast Rachel”anymore, I weighed 210 pounds! One day, I was at home looking at my photos and I realized, I was unrecognizable. At that moment I got filled with courage and called YES YOU CAN! Today I weight 55 lbs less, I'm back to the real me! I am the "roadrunner" that does not stop. I love having control of when, what and how much to eat. In YES YOU CAN I found the perfect tool to have a healthy lifestyle!

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