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Pao Juarez

Pao Juarez

My name is Paola Juarez, I'm Honduran and live in Miami. I came to this country with the dream of being a successful businesswoman. I started from the bottom, but I really wanted to move forward. An accident in which I broke my leg in three different areas and my mother’s death, stopped me. I fell into a deep depression, as I lost all my support. I started eating a lot, all day. Fried food calmed my anxiety, as I thought, but it was actually creating a lot of damage. I wasn’t growing at work. Who would promote an “ugly fat woman”, as a co-worker screamed at me one day. I had to do something for my son. I am a single mother and I couldn’t neglect my dreams. So I called Yes You Can! and as of today, I’ve made a huge change. I lost 58 pounds and from an extra-large size, I'm now extra small. I have confidence in myself again and I am on my way to becoming what I always dreamed of: an incredible businesswoman.
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