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Nancy Rivera

Nancy Rivera

From an early age, she ate huge portions

My name is Nancy Rivera I'm Colombian and I live in New Jersey. From a young age I started to gain weight because my family believed that “a fat girl meant I was a healthy girl”, so I learned to accompany all my meals with rice and quench my thirst with large amounts of soda. I began to hear jokes about my excessive weight; jokes such as: "Hurry up and eat it, or Nancy will finish it!!! and although I would smile on the outside, I cried on the inside. I found solace at my 194 pounds!!! Not only the extra-large clothing, but I proceeded to block everything and hid away from the world and their cruel comments. I decided that even if I felt alone, I would lock myself up take care of children so as not to hear mean jokes about my weight. My health was deteriorating due to my overweight and it was the alarm that triggered me react to and start my transformation with Yes You Can! Thank you Alejandro Chabán, you are a warrior of Life, who taught me to face my fears as obesity and go forward. Today I have dropped 49 pounds, gained health, beauty inside and on out, and great job opportunities. I learned that "He who does not risk does not win"
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