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Mirian Alas

Mirian Alas

Ate canned and frozen foods

My name is Mirian Alas. I’m 38 years old; I’m Salvadorian, and I live in Maryland. In El Salvador, I enjoyed traditional dishes. I never worried about what I ate because I didn’t know the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. When I arrived in the United States, my food choices, and of course my family’s worsened. For ease and a lack of time, we found it convenient to buy the “popular” frozen foods that had nothing good to offer. We quickly adapted to the eating in this country, and in a blink of an eye BOOM! Everyone was fat! As a mom, I felt obligated to do something urgently and cut the problem from the root. I thought: “I need to cook in a healthy in a way my family will enjoy.” My daughter-in- law knew about Yes You Can!, and she said to me: “Mother-in- law, they have a healthy Nutrition Guide with a Latin flavor! That’s your solution.” So, I immediately called and started our transformation. As of today, I have lost 67 pounds, and I was the best example for my family. And thanks to that, we now enjoy a healthy and happy life. Now we tell the world the world with pride, Yes You Can!
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