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Mexican American lost 84 pounds in 1 year

Mexican American lost 84 pounds in 1 year

The worst moment in our friend Alejandro’s life was when he heard his doctor saying that his life was in danger because of his obesity. Alejandro was at risk of getting hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.

His life had lost meaning because of all the limitations that his weight put on him. He couldn’t go out dancing, bowling or any other activity that all the rest of his friends were doing. While everyone else was having an amazing time he had to sit home and look at pictures on Facebook and hear all the amazing stories. On top of this there was also the fact that he never found clothes that he liked, he was always tired, heavy and with out any energy whatsoever. Tired of having his body keeping him from being happy and free and that his health was being threatened he looked for the inspiration he needed and found it in Alejandro Chaban’s story. Seeing that he could follow the same formula for success in the Yes You Can! Detox plan and the weight loss plan motivated him to lose over 84 pounds in 12 months!

Alejandro’s life changed 360 degrees, now the doctor tells him he healthy as an ox! He’s also really happy because now invitations to the hottest parties at the coolest clubs and the best part is that now he is the star of the Facebook pictures instead of just a spectator. Like every full blooded Mexican he loves to eat following the traffic light diet and he says that that’s his favorite part of the plan, he can still enjoy his favorite dishes like corn tortillas, guacamole, fajitas and even his light version of Horchata water.


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