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Maricruz Villa

Maricruz Villa

As a single mother, she found comfort in food

My name is Maricruz Villa, I am 25 years old and I am Mexican. A few years ago, I started the wonderful experience of being a single mother. I was very fearful; I had fear I wouldn’t be able to move my daughter forward in life by myself. I found comfort from these thoughts in FOOD. I had a voracious appetite, I was full of anxiety, I was always biting a pizza, chocolates or tacos, I ate up to ten times a day even when my weight was 175 pounds. On my birthday, I had a moment that turned my life around. My best friend told me, “You look cute, I love your hair and make-up but your too chubby for that dress” Those words made me cry. I could no longer hide behind an XL dress? My anxiety drove me to eat late at night, when no one was watching. I got depressed and stopped wearing dresses and getting dressed-up. My client was my salvation, she had lost a lot of weight and I asked what she had done and she told me “Take the Yes You Can! products”. So, I started my transformation. Today I’ve lost 35 pounds, I feel healthy, active, beautiful, young and thanks to my angel Alejandro Chaban I have control of my weight and my life. I feel awesome when everyone looks at me and I tell them Yes You Can!
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