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María Hernández

María Hernández

My name is María Hernández. I’m a 27-year-old Ecuadorian and I live in New Jersey. When I got pregnant with twins, my weight was out of control. In the middle of the night, I went to the fridge and ate anything that I could find, and eventually I became a size XL. During their first month, I breastfed my babies and I felt exhausted, stressed, and without energy. I thought that sweets would give me more energy, but they didn’t. My husband tried to be helpful by bringing food when he got back from work late at night, which didn’t really help. I weighted 175 pounds and I couldn’t recognize myself when I looked into the mirror. One day, I ran into an old friend, and she recommended Alejandro Chaban’s Yes You Can!. At first, my husband and my mother would tease me telling me that it won’t work. Nonetheless, I remained focused on my goal with a lot of discipline. Three months later, they were speechless by my transformation. Yes You Can! teaches you very simple, but important things, like how to use your hand to measure your food. I love the Choco-Brownie Complete Whey Protein shake because I can satisfy my sweet tooth and it gives me the energy to take care of my kids. I lost 48 pounds, and I am so happy that I went from a size XL to a size S thanks to Yes You Can!
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