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Lyris Ramos

Lyris Ramos

Working at an ice cream shop made her gain weight

My name is Lyris Ramos, I am Puerto Rican and I live in Virginia. I love sweets to the point that I worked at an ice cream shop. I loved everything, from ice cream to milkshakes. I would eat a lot of sugar for every customer, because I ate all the leftovers. I ate sweets all day long and I reached the weight of 190 pounds and extra-large clothes didn’t fit me anymore. I lost control over my body and my health, to the point that my job, which I loved, became stressful and painful because I was overweight. I decided to lose weight and made the best decision by starting my journey with Yes You Can!. I learned how to have a balanced diet and eat better. As of today, I have lost 45 pounds and I still enjoy sweets like strawberry, coffee, vanilla, and chocolate, but now I enjoyed them through my Complete Meal Replacements. I feel young, beautiful, strong and I want to surprise everyone with my new healthy lifestyle called Yes You Can!.
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