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Lorena Gasga

Lorena Gasga

My name is Lorena Gasga, I’m 28 years old and I’m Mexican. When I first moved to the United States, I was completely overwhelmed by everything around me, and the last thing I was thinking about at this point was my nutritional habits. With this thought NOT in mind, I reached up to 200 pounds after my second baby. Another obstacle I had to overcome was that I work as a cook in a fast food restaurant, so even if I didn’t eat anything at the restaurant, I would get home and binge on anything I could find. Being surrounded by food all day made me very anxious. Because I saw fast food all day, I lost the notion of what a balanced and healthy meal was. I went through a lot of emotional changes; the mood swings I was having caused a lot of problems at work and with my family. During my work hours, my weight was always a problem since I have to stand all day long; my legs would hurt because of the weight and my varicose veins. I didn’t know what to do; I looked at myself in the mirror and saw someone I didn’t want to be. I was really embarrassed around my partner because I couldn’t have a healthy sex life and our times together were very limited. God put Alejandro Chabán in my way; he inspired me through my friend Fatima Villarreal who lost weight with Yes You Can!™ Diet Plan. Today I can say that I’m also a success story and I have a great triumph in my own life. It’s something I’m very proud of. Thanks to the Yes You Can!™ Diet Plan products and nutritional guide I’ve lost 50 pounds and I have completely changed the way I eat and think about my nutrition. I feel a lot more active, healthy, with no pain and a lot more happiness. My husband and my kids are not just happy, but they’re also very supportive - they’re even doing the diet with me. I know that thanks to their support and all the tools I get from the Yes You Can!™ Diet Plan family, I’m going to continue losing weight and reach my ideal weight very soon! I hope that my story can help inspire others just like my friend Fatima’s story inspired me.
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